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IEA’s spokesperson rejects interfering in humanitarian aid distribution

The Islamic Emirate’s Spokesperson reacted to the UN Security Council Report, saying the government ensures humanitarian security and doesn’t interfere in the organization’s internal affairs. “The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan does not interfere in the affairs of any institutions that would disrupt their work, except for two matters, one of which is their security. We and our security forces are obligated to ensure and safeguard their security,” Mujahid said. “We request that international humanitarian organizations, especially the United Nations, shall not politicize humanitarian assistance and development aid,” said Abdul Latif Nazari, the deputy minister of economy. Earlier, the United Nations Security Council stated in a report that 56 humanitarian aid programs in Afghanistan had been suspended due to the interference of the Islamic Emirate. “I work a lot, earning around AFN 200 to 150 daily, through which I shall pay the house rent and other expenses, including sickness. We haven’t received any aid so far,” said Omidullah, a breadwinner for a six-member family who polishes boots alongside the street in Kabul. “It’s right that international community aid comes to Afghanistan but doesn’t reach the rightful recipients,” said Jawid, another Kabul needy resident. The United Nations Security Council report has highlighted that the policies and actions of the Islamic Emirate have complicated efforts to address the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan. It comes as the OCHA cited budget constraints as the reason for reducing its aid to Afghanistan. They emphasized receiving only 25% of the requested funds for the current year. S.Raqib

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.