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IEA’s philosophy was putting an end to anomalies, aberrations arising from 7 Saur

Saur 7, this year, marked the 46th anniversary of the communist coup in the country, which was carried out by the so-called People’s Democratic Party of Afghanistan (PDPA) and overthrew Mohammad Daud Khan’s government, establishing a black point in the country’s history. The bloody coup in our country resulted in continued conflicts and civil war and killed millions of innocent people. The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan condemned the Saur 7 revolution and considers it the black turning point of our country. In an official statement, the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan stated that forty-six years ago, on the 7th of Saur, 1357 A.H., a group of communists with foreign backing orchestrated a coup in Afghanistan, igniting a catastrophic war and inflicting immense suffering upon our nation. “However, guided by the grace of Allah, our resilient Muslim and Mujahid nation rose against the abhorrent ideology and actions of the communists. For fourteen years, our people waged a valiant jihad struggle, marked by countless sacrifices and unwavering determination,” the statement said. “Throughout this arduous journey, our Muslim and Mujahid nations endured heavy casualties and immense hardships. Nearly one million Afghans sacrificed their lives, while millions more faced untold challenges. Yet, fueled by unwavering faith, the indomitable will of our people triumphed, toppling the last vestiges of the communist regime, and liberating our beloved homeland in its entirety,” the statement added. In addition, regarding the Saur 8, the Islamic Emirate stated that the 8th of Saur, 1371 A.H., stands as a testament to the glorious victory, freedom, and success of the Afghan nation. On this momentous day, the sacrifices of our Mujahid nation bore fruit, rescuing our people and country from the clutches of communism. “The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan unequivocally condemns the communist coup of the 7th of Saur as a black day in our history and celebrates the 8th of Saur as a day of national freedom, symbolizing the resilience and triumph of our people,” the statement further added. Even after the regrettable coup, Afghans continue to endure difficulties in various aspects of life. Sardar Mohammad Daud Khan’s one-party government’s authoritarian rule did not serve the interests of the Afghan people; dictatorships inevitably fail to gain trust or achieve their goals. Afghanistan’s populace unequivocally denounces the reprehensible actions of both the 7th and 8th of Saur, recognizing their detrimental impact and the subsequent regimes’ failures to serve the Muslim Afghan populace or advance the nation’s interests. The withdrawal of Soviet forces from Afghanistan is the only positive outcome celebrated by Afghans. Beyond that, the seizure of power by jihadi leaders from the communist party exacerbated the turmoil, resulting in widespread casualties, displacement, and migration. While supporters of both Saur events purported to work for the people’s welfare, they ultimately deceived the populace, prioritizing the agendas of foreign donors over the nation’s interests. Neither of these pivotal days in Afghan history truly reflects the will of the people. Particularly egregious are the actions of the so-called jihadi leaders, who tarnished the concept of jihad through violence, displacement, and the destruction of vital infrastructure. Since the coup, successive regimes have attempted to sow division among Afghans based on language, ethnicity, and tribal affiliations. However, the people have resiliently resisted such efforts, maintaining unity and brotherhood despite the challenges. Furthermore, the philosophy and reason for the emergence of the Islamic Emirate was to eradicate corruption, crimes and atrocities committed by the so-called jihadist groups who had previously overthrown the Soviet Unionbacked regime. Fortunately, now the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has returned to power after 20 years of military struggle and Jihad against the Western countries and is willing to ensure countrywide security and put an end to the conflicts and military grouporiented activities. What Afghanistan urgently requires now is development and the fulfillment of fundamental rights, including healthcare, employment, education, and freedoms grounded in Islamic Sharia law. And the Islamic Emirate is committed to working in this area. Mohammad Nabi

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.