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IEA’s officials take responsible action in addressing natural disaster

By: Mohibullah Mayar

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has taken positive and timely steps as a responsible government regarding the widespread natural disasters arising from climate change in the country and region. The Islamic Emirate acted as a nation-loving government. It provided the people with the required assistance, including addressing the flood-affected people’s challenges in the provinces of Baghlan and Takhar and providing assistance to the earthquake-affected people in Herat and the districts of Giyan and Barmal of Paktika provinces. Despite operating under resource constraints, the Islamic Emirate has effectively managed the country’s natural disaster-related crisis. These actions, undertaken with limited resources, are a testament to the Islamic Emirate’s resilience and resourcefulness and are considered the most urgent response to natural disasters across the region. During the recent flash floods in the northern provinces of Baghlan and Takhar, which result ed in significant financial and human losses, the local officials of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, including the provincial governor, police commander, provincial head of Intelligence Department, and authorities from the Supreme Attorney General Office in Takhar, took immediate and decisive actions. This prompt response underscores the Islamic Emirate’s commitment to the welfare of its people. The officials attended the scene with all the required equipment and available facilities. They were responsible for leading and managing the process of addressing the victims and rescuing the flood-affected people. In the initial hours of the flash floods in the provinces, several military helicopters, ambulances and hundreds of vehicles started working on the affected areas. Aid teams equipped with the required facilities and tools were deployed from the capital, Kabul, to the affected provinces. The aid and health teams that have been in the affected area since the catastrophe have commenced providing assistance to the victims and flood-affected people and serving them around the clock. I remember that in 1384, a devastating flood occurred in the center and some districts of the province of Ghazni. I witnessed no police or governmental officer attending the affected area, let alone the attending of high-ranking officials. Government equipment, facilities, and machinery were not available to assist the people in the affected area. Therefore, the people themselves were making an effort to rescue the stranded people and transfer the dead and injured individuals to the hospital. In 2020 and the beginning of 2021, when Afghanistan was among the countries experiencing a severe and deadly COVID-19 pandemic, the then government not only failed to take any practical and appropriate measures regarding addressing the disaster and resolving the affected people but also the governmental officials resorted to embezzling the international aid that was provided to the affected people. Even the facilities and equipment that were granted to respond to the crisis were also sold to the neighboring countries. Therefore, despite the cruel sanctions imposed by America and the United Nations on the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan and the lack of cooperation of the UN–related agencies in addressing the natural disaster, the Islamic Emirate, with the available equipment and facilities, and timely endeavoring, has managed to resolve the people’s challenge and address the catastrophe and contributed to the decreasing of casualties and transfer the injured and affected people to hospitals and health centers. The general consensus is that if the appropriate and timely actions had not been taken regarding the flash floods in the provinces, including Baghlan, Takhar, and Badakhshan, the toll would have been more significant than we have today. Hence, as a result of these timely and quick measures taken by the officials of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, the disaster was addressed and led to a decrease in casualties, although the unprecedented flash flood trapped many provinces and districts. To conclude, the actions taken by the officials of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan regarding the recent disaster are highly appreciated since they served responsibly, timely and sincerely.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.