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IEA’s move to assess Afghan refugee’s situations promising

Thousands of Afghans are still living in tough conditions in the neighboring countries’ jails.
In both neighboring Pakistan and Iran as well as in Turkey and other world countries, Afghans are still suffering harsh situations; either they are not allowed to work, educate and move freely or being taken into jails for having no illegal documents or under any other accessions.
The last more than 20 years of foreign forces presence in Afghanistan are mostly the main reasons behind their destituteness, misfortune and misery abroad.
Reports suggest that around 600 Afghans are imprisoned in Iran and hundreds of others in Pakistan, where they live in bad condition.
They are falsely accused of being involved in various crimes and imprisoned for what they had not committed, except seeking work in other counties to support their families. But, they are paying the price of the betrayal and crimes, which their politicians have committed over the past more than two decades of foreigner’s so-called peace keeping mission in Afghanistan.
Recently, in a constructive move, a delegation of the Islamic Emirate headed by Attorney General, Mawlavi Shamsuddin Shariati left for the neighboring Iran to assess the situation of Afghan refugees and to facilitate their return to the country.
The delegation has also been said to discuss issues with the Iranian authorities, relating to the release of hundreds of Afghan inmates in Iran and their voluntary return to their homeland.
The Islamic Emirate spokesman, Zabihullah Mujahid, has also said that hundreds of Afghan refugees were still imprisoned in Iran and the Islamic Emirate was trying to facilitate their release.
“The Islamic Emirate wants all Afghans to not remain in prison in any country. A delegation led by the attorney general has traveled to Iran to solve these problems,” the IEA spokesman said.
This is a good and helpful measures adopted by the authorities of the Islamic Emirate to assess the Afghan refugees’ situation in the near and take steps to address their problems in negotiation with the hosting country’s officials and facilitate their safe and dignified return to the country.
The delegation of the Islamic Emirate should also discuss the legalization of the Afghan refugees and their work and education with the hosting countries authorities and in case of their willingness, prepare their safe and secure return to Afghanistan.
The move by the IEA, particularly the Attorney General is highly welcomed not only by the Afghans spending days and nights in the Iranian or any other countries’ jails, but also by the Afghans inside the country, as they hope the issue will be taken under serious investigation and help all Afghans get freed and helped return their home.
In other countries such as Pakistan and Turkey, the Islamic Emirate should also send similar assessing teams to closely investigate the Afghan refugees’ situation and seek reasonable and rational ways for both their stay and their repatriation to the country.

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