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IEA’s most important achievements in a week

Afghanistan exported pine nuts worth $54 million
The country’s ministry of commerce and industries says Afghanistan has exported pine nuts worth $54 million to outside in the past one year.
Salma dam third turbine restored
Da Afghanistan Breshna Sharkat (DABS) Afghanistan’s main power supply company in its recent statement said that the company’s technical team has been able to restore Salma dam’s third turbine. The dam’s three turbines are producing to over 30 mega wats electricity.
Two water supply projects completed in Jawzjan
Construction work on two water supply projects have been completed in Jawzjan province Faizabad district and Sheberghan city. Nearly 660 families and 2,480 students are to benefit from the two projects.
Renovation work of historic artefacts begins in Ghazni
After long period of time, renovation of Ghazni museum’s historic artefacts has begun. There are thousands of Islamic and Buddhism-related artefacts that need renovation.
All three turbines of Afghan Pulkhumri dam restored
With restoration of all three turbines of the Afghan Pulkhumri dam and starting of the water-flowing season, necessary electricity will be maintained to the dam’s 1,500 subscribers.
Afghanistan exports Asafoetida worth $100 million
Afghanistan has exported asafoetida worth $100 million to foreign countries during the past one year.
During the current year, the asafoetida new fields have been allocated in a number of the country’s provinces where farmers might get millions in dollars income from this plant.
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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.