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IEA’s declaration on the first freedom anniversary of Afghanistan from U.S. occupation

The Almighty Allah, with his great mercy and support, granted our courageous and Mujahid people a great freedom and victory. So, the Mujahid nation should be thankful for this great blessing.
On the advent of the first anniversary of this great time, we congratulate all Islamic nations, particularly the Mujahid, tortured and war-affected Afghans, the mujahidin, the handicapped, the wounded, orphans, widows and heirs of the martyrs.
We rise our hands to the Almighty Allah and pray that all these affairs to be accepted in the way of Jihad
The victory of the Sunbula 9 (August 31) not only freed Afghanistan from the U.S. occupation, but, also showed to the entire world the example of this Quranic verse that Allah Almighty says: “Perhaps a small group won over a large group with Allah’s permission, and Allah is with those exercise patience.”
How this great success and victory was accomplished and with what sacrifices, the Afghan nation and the world are testifying that it was the only result of honesty, sincerity, obedience, and trust, but it is important to understand the value and importance of this great victory, the obvious victories. Let’s pray for the Almighty Allah for this great victory and be grateful for it and use the benefits of this great victory for strengthening the progress of the Islamic system.
The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan once again, calls on the international community that the experience of the past twenty years could be a great guide for the future. We have assessed that any policy of pressure and threats on the Afghan people in the past twenty years has failed and had done nothing except economic stagnation.
The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, as the legitimate system of the country and the representative of the whole Afghan nation, once again calls on the international community to create a suitable policy with Afghanistan.
They should respect the will of the Afghans, respect the independence and territorial integrity of the country and let the Afghans to have their own independent Islamic system principles so that as an independent country, they were capable to keep continue ordinary relations and positive interaction with the world. The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.