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IEA’s core responsibility regarding returnees

Based on some Pakistani media reports, the process of expelling Afghan refugees from Pakistan may accelerate soon. In addition to Pakistani officials, the remarks made by the representatives of the commissions and different communities in the country also indi cate that the majority of the Afghan refugees in Pakistan are willing to return to their country. Also, the Afghans believe that the returnees will be considered lucky if they return to their country in good and favorable conditions during the spring season, and they will face no challenge in finding shelter and employment. However, the Afghan refugees who were expelled during the last winter experienced hardship and turmoil and were even unable to find shelter or jobs to support their family members. Despite the challenges, they managed to live in the winter and liberate themselves from the suppression and abuse of the Pakistani police. Last winter, the conditions were not favorable for living, and the returnees lacked the required facilities. The government provided them with the required shelter, facilities and foodstuffs, which led them to complain about their lousy life conditions. Thousands of returnees were warmly welcomed and supported by the officials of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan and the kind people of Afghanistan. When Afghan refugees return from Pakistan this time, they must be well supported, and the government should have a sound and practical plan to provide them with all the required facilities. Although many of the returnees can afford to support themselves in terms of food, clothes and shelter, some may need more severe support. It is crucial that the government should cooperate with all aid agencies and humanitarian organizations to address the returnees’ challenges. Supporting and taking care of the returnees is not just the Islamic Emirate’s core responsibility but a challenging test for the international community. If the government performs it successfully, it will lead to obtaining international credit and trust. Furthermore, the return of refugees from neighboring countries will not only alleviate the pressures imposed by those countries but also bring the potential for unity, coordination, and contribution to Afghanistan’s development and progress. This is a beacon of hope for the Afghan people and the international community. The Afghanistan government needs to utilize its facilities to support the refugees and encourage aid agencies to provide them with clothes and food. In addition, the Islamic Emirate should contact the neighboring countries through diplomatic means so that they allow the Afghan refugees to transfer their capital and properties to the country safely. Mukhtar Safi

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.