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IEA wants good relations with world based on international norms

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has forever been in favor of good relations with the world countries based on international principles and mutual interests.
As the country’s Minister of Interior, Sirajuddin Haqqani, in an exclusive interview with the known CNN TV channel said, the Islamic Emirate wants to secure good relations with the U.S. and the international community.
No one is called the enemy of Afghanistan and the IEA does not consider anyone or a country as enemy, unless they violate the international standards of friendly relations, after the Islamic Emirate’s takeover of the country.
Under the Doha peace agreement, foreign forces withdrew and this became key part of the accord, negating most of reasons for enmity. So Afghanistan does not consider the U.S., other world countries or the international community as enemy but rather wants to strengthen good relations with them based on the inter-governmental principles and diplomatic norms.
Non-interference in each other affairs, could also be another element that strengthens friendly relations between the IEA and the world.
The issue of girls’ access to education and other human rights values are not only the key suggestions of the international community or any certain countries to the Islamic Emirate to be implemented in Afghanistan, but is an obligation tantamount to the Islamic teachings.
In the past, there were invasions, torture, trespasses, corruption, injustice and other kinds of abnormalities, with foreign forces the key reason behind. But, under the agreement, Afghanistan is now evacuated of alien troops and the Islamic Emirate is committed to implement all human rights including girls’ education and women’s work, based on the Islamic teachings.
The last more than twenty years of invasion grabbed all opportunities for economic, educational and cultural development, while the last two poppet and corrupt regimes were just onlookers.
Anything made for the development of the country, over the last two decades, was the efforts of the brave Afghans themselves not of initiative from the last corrupt systems.
The international community, particularly the U.S. and its allies should be noted that Afghanistan is taking firm steps ahead and making efforts for developments in all spheres, including economics, education, culture, etc.
Some media spread rumors that the Islamic Emirate was against girls’ education, while education for both boys and girls are of the government’s priorities.
The Islamic system considers education one of the key holy religion’s principles. But the problem ahead, is the Afghan way of thinking and understanding and arranging of the Islamic rules in this regard. All challenges would be met soon and the doors of schools for girls of all grades would reopen in the near future.
The people of Afghanistan would soon hear about the reopening of education institutions for girls of above seven grades, across the country, as the country’s acting minister of interior said in his interview with the U.S. based CNN TV.
So, there is a need for the people’s cooperation in all fields with their Islamic system; in terms of the elimination of all kinds of insurgencies with unity and fighting baseless rumors against the Islamic Emirate.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.