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IEA wants good diplomatic relations with world

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA) has appointed and introduced one of its diplomats to Afghanistan embassy in Moscow. A spokesperson of the MoFA has confirmed that the Afghan embassy to Moscow has been handed over to the IEA, praising Moscow for its step in this regard.
Moscow by accepting the IEA diplomat to Russia wants to pave the way for relations with Kabul and recognition of the Afghan government.
With accepting the IEA representative in Moscow, not only relations between the two countries will further expand but also conditions for delivering services to Afghans living in Russia will be eased. Officials at the Russian ministry of foreign affairs believe that the recent key step will also be for resumption of diplomatic ties between Afghanistan and Russia.
According to political experts, Russia wants to see one of the diplomats of the IEA in Moscow to have contact with Afghanistan. Previously, the embassy had no contacts with Kabul. Introduction of the new IEA diplomat to Moscow is to keep the country’s embassy to the Russia open and deliver services to the Afghans based in Russia and review their legal issues in the country. It is hoped that the Afghan consulate will soon open in Moscow as nearly 40,000 Afghans are living in Russia.
There are opportunities for the short and long-term engagement for Russia in Afghanistan, which needs a comprehensive strategy to support the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.
The good news is that Russia has the capacity and experience to exercise such a strategy.
Russia can also cooperate with Afghanistan in big industrial and infrastructural projects, which are crucial for economic development. There are also economic opportunities for Russia in South Asia; therefore, stability in Afghanistan can play a vital role for stability in the region.
The MoFA of the IEA government wants to have diplomatic relations with the world countries and is making efforts to find ways to better maintain diplomatic relations with neighboring and regional countries. In recent months, China, Pakistan, Russia and Turkmenistan have accepted diplomats of the Islamic Emirate in their countries.
A number of countries have somehow kept and maintained their contact and relations with the Islamic Emirate to provide humanitarian assistance to the people of Afghanistan as they have reopened their embassies in Kabul to keep such relations with the IEA.
Based on statements of Afghanistan embassies to China, Pakistan, Russia and Turkmenistan, ministries of foreign affairs of the respective countries have officially accepted diplomats of the Islamic Emirate in their countries.
Meanwhile, an official of the IEA Sohail Shaheen has said that the Afghan diplomats previously appointed in Iran and Saudi Arabia are now following all instructions and procedures of the Islamic Emirate. Currently, the IEA has good relations with Pakistan, Iran, China, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and a number of other Asian and Middle East countries.
It is worth mentioning that the foreign policy of the Islamic Emirate in general is to protect national interests and have good relations with the world. Currently, there are 45 embassies of Afghanistan and 20 consulates to foreign countries across the world.

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