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IEA urges world to urgently prevent Israel ‘genocide’

KABUL: Abdul Qahar Balkhi, The spokesman if the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, on Tuesday called on the international community to urgently prevent Israel from committing genocide against Palestinians. Balkhi said on X: “Cutting water, food, medicine and power, martyrdom of 704 civilians, including 143 children and 105 women and deliberate targeting of homes, mosques, hospitals and ambulances in the Gaza Strip by the brutal Israeli forces amounts of war crimes and crimes against humanity.” He added: “We urge world countries & bodies, particularly Muslim countries and the UN, to urgently prevent the Zionist regime from committing a genocide which unfortunately has the support of the U.S. and some European countries.” The call came as Israel pounded the Gaza Strip on Tuesday with the fiercest air strikes in the 75-year history of its conflict with the Palestinians, razing whole districts to dust despite a Hamas threat to execute a captive for each home hit. Israel has vowed “mighty revenge” since Hamas fighters rampaged through its towns, leaving streets strewn with bodies in by far the deadliest attack in its history. It has called up hundreds of thousands of reservists and placed Gaza, crowded home to 2.3 million people, under total siege. Gaza’s health ministry said Israel’s retaliatory strikes had killed at least 770 people and wounded more than 4,000. The air strikes, already the heaviest ever, intensified on Tuesday night, shaking the ground and pouring columns of smoke and flames into the morning sky. The United Nations said more than 180,000 Gazans had been made homeless, many huddling on streets or in schools. Bombardment shut roads to emergency crews. S.Raqib

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.