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IEA to work together with Turkiye under Erdogan’s wise leadership

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan climbed higher than his electoral rival Kilicdaroglu, by winning 52.14 percent of votes in Turkish presidential runoff vote which ended late on Sunday. Erdogan, once again stretched his rule into a third decade, as tens of thousands of his supporters voted in his favor during the two rounds of presidential polls. The great moderate Islamist personality Erdogan spoke to thousands of his supporters outside the presidential complex in Ankara, saying that now was the time “to put aside all the debates and conflicts regarding the elections period and unite around our national goals and dreams.” Erdogan’s victory in the most transparent election process comes after a catastrophic earthquake that took the lives of more than 50,000 people in Turkiye and its neighboring Syria. The deadliest natural calamity did not discredit Erdogan and did not deter him from running in the presidential poll, as was anticipated by his rivals. Considering the main principles of Islam, his country’s national interest and global fraternity standards, President Erdogan had not only served Turkish people but also did much for Muslims around the world, particularly, the destitute, deprived and miserable Afghans who sought shelter and work in Turkiye over the last many years. Turkiye, under the wise leadership of President Erdogan, was one of the countries that restored a good engagement and brotherhood with the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA), since the Islamic system resumed power about two years ago. He hosted millions of refugees from Afghanistan, Syria and other countries who have been seeking safe shelter and work and provided them with legal citizenship after legally processing their cases as well as made strong efforts to strengthen the economy of his country, through foreign investments and distribution of residential units in various parts of his country. Despite some illegalities and offenses and violation of laws by some foreign nations, his government was cautious to punish them or tried to resort to other fair alternatives such as temporally jailing or deporting them to their homelands, a move not seen by other regional countries. Some of Afghanistan’s neighboring countries even shot dead Afghans, let alone jailing them or seriously punishing them inside or along their countries borders. In 2021, the Turkish government with President Erdogan on the tenure, announced that there were over 300,000 Afghans in Turkiye, where they are treated well and provided with fair jobs and works. Years ago, Turkish President, Recep Tayyeb Erdogan announced full cooperation, including food items and other essentials for the displaced Muslims of Rohingyas who fled the torture of their government-led Buddhist extremists. There were no other countries to speak out readiness for help for the heavily tortured Muslim people of Myanmar, with wide number of them shot and killed directly by government forces, some assassinated by Buddhist extremists while thousands displaced from their residences after days of arson attacks that broken in Rakhine state. But there was Recep Tayyep Erdogan, the popular leader of Turkiye, the only compassionate man who provided food and clothing for them duly. Some world leaders including those of Afghanistan, Russia, Qatar, Libya, Iran, Algeria, Hungary and the Palestine Authority congratulated and sent him warm message on his reelection in the grand runoff vote which helped Leader Erdogan to enter the third decade counting his 20th years in office. The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan would go ahead towards a bright future through wide cooperation and constructive engagement with the brother nations of Turkiye under President Erdogan’s wise leadership.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.