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IEA to invest in big economic & development projects

The Islamic Emirate (IEA)  has informed of investment on big economic projects such as water management, extraction of mines and other key projects in the country. The Deputy spokesperson of the Islamic Emirate has said that the Islamic Emirate is supporting domestic and foreign investment as further facilities have been provided in this regard. “The Islamic Emirate will focus attention on the projects that are very crucial for the country’s infrastructure, for example, management of water, extraction of mines as well as in the health and education sector, and other sectors where there is a need,” Karimi stressed. Meanwhile, a number of economic experts say that major development projects have not been implemented in the country so far; therefore, the poverty and unemployment rate is increasing in the country. According to the country’s economic experts, the investments that have been made in Afghanistan are not enough as no positive results are felt. The economic experts are asking the international community to pay attention in this regard and cooperate with Afghanistan in implementing major development projects. They also ask the World Bank to resume its operation in the country.

Experts believe that if the investment is made in major projects, Afghanistan will soon change into a developed country as it has lots of mines to be extracted. According to information of the Ministry of Mines and Petroleum, Afghanistan by using its natural resources and mines can be selfsufficient by the end of 2024 and won’t need the assistance of the international community anymore. Making use of natural resources and the extraction of mines can help the country change to a developed and self-sufficient country as the extraction of mines can play a significant role in the growth of the country’s economy. Afghanistan’s mines constitute a good source of income. Not only the Aynak copper mine has a high reputation in the world but also the majority of the country’s mines have the reputation and have attracted the attention of the world’s superpower countries to extract and invest in them. Meanwhile, a number of Kabul residents have also asked the Islamic Emirate to make further efforts in addressing poverty in the country. In their interviews with The Kabul Times correspondent, they said investment in major projects in the country could provide more job opportunities for youth and prevent increasing poverty in the country. Based on the UN information, more than 700,000 people have lost their jobs in the past two years. Shukria Kohistani

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.