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IEA to further focus on development projects

The Islamic Emirate has made continued efforts toward the implementation of development projects in the country over the last two years, since taking over power in mid-August 2021. In the past two years, thousands of small and big development projects have been launched in the areas of infrastructure, health, energy and transportation and others. There are dozens of big development projects launched and completed in the past two years. Regional connectivity projects such as the Khawaf– Herat Railway Project, a connectivity link between Afghanistan and Iran, are touted to be ready for operation. Another regional connectivity project, the Trans-Afghanistan railway project, has been already signed between Uzbekistan, Afghanistan and Pakistan, with the project expected to cost $5 billion. The Islamic Emirate is making efforts to secure funding for the project and there are hopes that funds will be soon secured for the implementation of this project. As for major domestic projects, the 285-km long Qush Tapa Canal Project aims to convert 550,000 hectares of desert into farmland by diverting 20 percent of water from the Amu Darya River. This project is being built in the country’s north. Last October, Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs Mullah Abdul Ghani Beradar inaugurated the second phase of this project. The Deputy Minister of Water and Energy, Mujib Rahman Akhundzada, stated that a plan to build a hydroelectric dam on the Kunar River was not being implemented immediately due to its high cost. It is envisaged that the dam will irrigate one and a half lakh acres of agricultural land and produce 45 megawatts of electricity. Apart from these mega projects that are being constructed or being planned, the Islamic Emirate has started construction work on many roads in the country. Based on information of the country’s Ministry of Public Works, 90 maintenance projects have already been completed in 2023 and it plans to initiate 110 developmental projects, which include 30 bridge piers, 1500 check bridge piers, Kabul– Kandahar highway, Afghan Ring Road and the reconstruction of the Salang highway. To address the lack of electricity in the country, Da Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat (DABS) the country’s main power supply company has developed a five-year strategic plan to develop 710 MW of renewable energy, with funding from internal sources. The company is also working to somehow address the lack of electricity in the country’s big cities, particularly in Kabul, the capital. There are hundreds of development projects, the construction work of which are still underway in various parts of the country. The Islamic Emirate is focusing much on infrastructure development, which is considered a positive move towards the development of the country. With the Islamic Emirate takeover in mid-August 2021, the country started to witness a major decline in its economy as the United States froze Afghanistan’s Central Bank reserves of about $7 billion and the European Union and the World Bank stopped disbursing aid. Sanctions were also imposed, but with hard work and continued efforts that have been made in the past two years, the country is moving towards the right direction as thousands of development projects have been launched and completed. The Islamic Emirate is working to make more efforts in the future to boost Afghanistan’s economy. Besides, the IEA is planning to further focus on launching and planning more development projects in the fields of transportation, health, mines, electricity and construction of roads. With the implementation and completion of thousands of small and big development projects, the people of Afghanistan will experience further stability and prosperity. Ahmad Tamim

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.