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IEA taking drug-addicts to hospitals for treatment

With the Islamic Emirate (IEA) takeover in mid-August, the process of collecting drug-addicts has started from different parts of the country. Based on reports, nearly 20,000 drug-addicts have been taken up to hospitals for treatment since September 2021 across the country.
Steps to take up drug-addicts were also taken place in previous government, but the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA) has stepped up the process in a different way.
The people are happy with the process followed by the IEA.
The people are asking the IEA for continuation of the collecting process of drug-addicts in the country.
Most people are complaining of drug-addicts creating problems for the people in big cities.
According to Afghan officials, drug-addicts are living in improper places; therefore, the drug-addicts are being collected and taken up to hospitals for treatment.
When drug-addicts are taken up to hospitals, they receive a 45-day treatment period in treatment centers.
The 400-bed Ibn-e-Sina hospital is one of several treatment centers where hundreds of drug-addicts are under treatment.
Daryoush, who addicted to drugs following unemployment and bitter days of life, says he did not use any drugs after spending a treatment period at a hospital.
“I used to use different drugs, but thanks to Allah that I’ve now stopped using the drugs,” Daryoush said, adding that I am happy with the services provided to drug-addicts at treatment centers.
It is worth mentioning that introduction of drug-addicts to treatment centers is either followed by families and the IEA. For example, families introduce their members addicting to drugs to treatment center.
Besides, the IEA takes up drug-addicts and collect them from cities for treatment at hospitals.
Based on reports, there are currently nearly 3.5 million drug-addicts in Afghanistan. The main reasons of people turning to drug addiction are increasing poverty and unemployment in the country. Meanwhile, there are nearly 100 centers for treatment of drug-addicts across the country.
Recently, some prisons have changed to treatment centers particularly for treatment of drug-addicts in some provinces of the country.
It is worth mentioning that nearly 40,000 drug-addicts complete the 45-day treatment period in treatment centers and hospitals in the country.
Saida Ahmadi

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