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IEA supporting domestic, foreign investment in Afghanistan

With the re-establishment of the Islamic Emirate in mid-August 2021, domestic and foreign companies as well as Afghan and foreign businessmen have been asked to invest in Afghanistan as overall security situation has improved across the country. As the Islamic Emirate has identified both domestic and foreign investments as one of the key priorities for future growth and development, it has provided all necessary ground for domestic and foreign investment in the country. Besides, the Islamic Emirate is supporting investments in the country. Acting Foreign Minister Mawlawi Amir Khan Muttaqi in his most recent visit to Iran has assured full support to Iranian and Afghan businessmen and urged them to invest in Afghanistan. In his meeting with Afghan and Iranian businessmen, acting minister of foreign affairs has en couraged Iranian and Afghan businessmen to invest in Afghanistan with confidence and assured them of the Afghan government’s full support. Muttaqi by outlining Afghanistan’s importance as a transit hub, mentioning trade routes between neighboring countries, the region, and the world, and pointing to the value of the Wakhan Corridor stressed the sound competition in the investment sector in the region. As the overall security situation has improved significantly across Afghanistan, it is right time for domestic and foreign investment in the country. It is the first time for Afghanistan is to experience peace and security almost after four decades of wars that destroyed the country and suffered millions of Afghans. Today, the situation is extremely hopeful as dozens of national and international companies have started to invest in the country. In the past two years, investors from various countries of the world and region have invested in different sectors in the country as Afghan and foreign businessmen have started to invest in energy, transport, mining, logistics and construction sectors in the country. The Islamic Emirate has provided all necessary facilities for investors in different areas in the country as dozens of companies and investors from various countries in the world and region have invested in the country, and others have shown interest to invest in different areas. Considering the economic opportunities that have arisen, the IEA is working tirelessly to develop Afghanistan’s infrastructure. The Islamic Emirate has repeatedly asked domestic and foreign investors to invest in various fields in the country. With the establishment of the Islamic Emirate, a lot of work has been done in the area of economic development and investment in the country, and these steps have encouraged businessmen and investors to invest in different fields. Investment is very important as it is considered as key for a country’s economic development. The more investment is made, the more work opportunities are provided in the country. Moreover, both domestic and foreign investment creates jobs, strengthens the local economy, contributes to local infrastructure development and can help reduce poverty and inequality in the country. Hope all Afghan businessmen come and invest in their country and work shoulder to shoulder for the economic development and bright future of their country. S.Raqib

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.