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IEA should defend citizen’s rights to prevent more migration

Afghan refugees have long been facing harsh problems in foreign countries, including the neighboring countries, with the worst, amid growing migration over the past one year.
Social media, recently showed pictures of many Afghan refugees, brutally tortured, beaten and insulted by some countries’ security officials, particularly, following another wave of migration from the country.
Afghans leaving in Pakistan struggling with critical problems in the fields of residence documents, passports, visas, education as well as health and work, as police often harass them in the neighboring country.
According to media reports, Afghan refugees are not allowed to open bank accounts and their children to get enrolled in schools.
Also, in the neighboring Iran, some media said Afghan refugees were ‘forced into hardest work that Iranians could not do.’
In the neighboring Tajikistan, many Afghan refugees, even with migration documents, have been forced to leave the country or the security officials took them out of the country’s border, few weeks ago. The measure received blame from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).
In Greece, a member of Afghan refugee community, has been reported by one of the country’s popular and valid private media, Pajhwok Afghan News as speaking about the problems of refugees in the European countries and saying: “Afghan refugees living in Europe were in a bad situation as most of them were imprisoned, drowned in water or forced to return to their own country.”
Even Greeks hardly found work in their country and for Afghans it was very difficult to find a job and many refugees were forced to collect papers and bottles to find one-time meal and even forced into ‘prostitution’, said the media.
This is not the issue of only one year since the Islamic Emirate’s return to power, but the challenges have faced by the destitute Afghans over the last long years, after the formers so-called democratic systems failed to provide them with work and shelters inside the country.
The problems existed decades ago, mainly due to overspread insecurity, political and economic problems. But, time has now reached for the Islamic Emirate to try its best to overcome the problems, as the leaders are now the only responsible to protect and defend the rights of the citizens at home and overseas, both legally and under the Islamic Sharia.
During the past regimes, the so-called government leaders and politicians only dealt with the Afghans’ bloods, usurped their lands and looted public properties, but failed to pave ground for them to work and get rid of poverty at home and the harsh situation worldwide, mainly in Iran and Pakistan.
Afghans have the rights to work, get educated, access justice and their citizen rights respected and this is the basic responsibility of the Islamic Emirate to help them reach their rights and receive any kinds of services inside and outside the country.
Also, the entire patriotic Afghans, including professional cadres and skilled personalities, have to return home and take part in their country’s reconstruction.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.