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IEA secures Afghans’ rights apart from ethnicity, language, Mawlavi Kabir

KABUL: The Deputy Prime Minister for Political Affairs Mawlavi Abdul Kabir said that the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan without considering ethnicity, language, or position, has always been committed to securing the rights of all Afghans. Mawlavi Abdul Kabir made the remarks in a meeting with a number of scholars, elders and youths of Momand tribe of eastern Nangarhar province of the country, Arg said in a statement the other day. Commending the recent tangible achievements and developments of the Islamic Emirate in various fields, the Momand tribal elders said the Islamic system was the wish of every Afghan and after the establishment of the current system, the rights of everyone have been ensured across the country, according to the statement. Announcing full support to the Islamic Emirate, they asked the IEA to pay serious attention to the construction of schools, health facilities and retaining walls and the completion of half-finished projects in their areas, the statement said. Meanwhile, Mawlavi Kabir said the Islamic Emirate as a common system has been established as a result of the tireless efforts and sacrifices of Afghans. “As the people of Afghanistan stood together against the invaders in the Jihad of the past 20 years, today they should also cooperate with the Islamic Emirate against the opponent groups,” the statement quoted Mawlavi Kabir as saying. The deputy PM assured the Momand tribal elders that their recommendations and problems would be addressed soon. The Kabul Times

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.