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IEA respects human rights in line with Sharia law

Some media has recently reported the detention of two civil society activists by the security forces of the Islamic Emirate. The detainees have reportedly been released recently. However, the related organs of the IEA have not released at the moment any statement about the detention and the release of the activists, but the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA), on Tuesday, welcomed the release of both activists Nargis Sadat and Zakaria Usuli. It said: “Two women rights activists Nargis Sadat and Zakaria Usuli had been freed.” But this should be noted that it is not an arbitrary detention and those who want to live under an Islamic system should obey and follow its real instructions and avoid baseless propaganda and anti-Islamic assertions, either through recording videos or any other means. The government of the Islamic Emirate has come with the price of the blood of thousands of youths to implement sharia and other Islamic teachings and anyone who wants to criticize any defections, they should directly and face-to-face or obviously share his/her suggestions and criticisms with the leadership. They should not fear of any threat, if they want real reforms in any of the government agencies. As it is clear, some people act maliciously against the Islamic system. They are those who are still deceived by the former regimes’ defeated members who have been involved in wide corruption and usurpation of lands and looting of public properties. The real citizens of the country are those who welcome the Islamic Emirate and its orders to virtues and prohibition from vices, similar to what the holy Islamic teachings require. On the other hand, this is a harsh inaccurate that the security personnel of the Islamic Emirate search the mobile phones of the citizens and recover their secrets recorded against the system or punish them for what they have done in hidden. The holy religion of Islam fully respects the privacy of the entire people. The Islamic Emirate security personnel are not allowed to search others’ privacy for detecting their secrets or any of their personal issues. So, in order to have a country of full peace and security, the entire countrymen should cooperate with the security forces in the detection of any subversive activities, rather to resort to antisystem acts by malicious groups or those still working for the aliens. This is the crucial obligation of the Afghans to remain in their country for serving their Islamic system and people and work for the development of their homeland and help the government leadership to further improve the affairs. The international community, particularly the United Nations should strengthen their engagement with the Islamic Emirate and not listen to the words of vicious groups who are only seeking to create gaps between the nation and the Islamic system.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.