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IEA requiring a robust diplomacy

Over the past two and a half years, the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has made significant achievements in various sectors. These include notable advancements in political stability, diplomatic relations, economic growth, and cultural preservation. However, there is still a need for more work and effort. The fact that the world is shifting from unipolarity to multipolarity, with new powers emerging in the region and the world, is good news for countries classified as thirdworld or developing countries, including Afghanistan. Given the evolving geopolitical landscape, countries like the Islamic Emirate must follow their foreign policy with utmost seriousness. This includes not only strategic decision-making but also the use of other tools to stabilize and strengthen their policies. In the current scenario, where the Islamic Emirate has yet to be officially recognized, the emergence of new friendly and hostile countries in the region has posed challenges. This situation has, unfortunately, prevented the Islamic Emirate from securing a seat in the United Nations. In light of these circumstances, what steps should the Islamic Emirate take? Firstly, since the Islamic Emirate has started on its journey and has made achievements in every field, it is required to continue the journey at a faster pace. Because the world is watching everything, and it has also noticed the abundant achievements of the Islamic Emirate. Secondly, the Islamic Emirate has new friend countries. At the same time, there are some aggressive countries in the region. Therefore, diplomacy and negotiation with such a country do not have much impact, as naturally, in terms of power, defensive forces must first be strengthened for diplomacy to be effective. Security forces do not mean increasing the number of soldiers, but it means acquiring advanced weapons such as long-range and short-range missiles. In this regard, the Islamic Emirate can draw inspiration from the jihadist group Hamas in Gaza, which managed to produce so many weapons and missiles with the help of a few engineers and limited resources while they were under the oppression of an oppressive regime, the Zionist state. Thirdly, as the world moves towards multipolarity, it is not far that it will affect the global capitalist system, which will have the most impact on the dollar. For this reason, some countries and organizations have already started their transactions in their local currencies instead of the dollar, such as the BRICS organization and Russia, which sell their oil solely in rubles. Given the global developments, it would be beneficial for the Islamic Emirate to rely on gold instead of the dollar for the stability of its monetary system. This should be initiated without prior announcement. Fourthly, on the one hand, the assets of the Islamic Emirate have been frozen by America, and on the other hand, it occupied Afghanistan for 20 years. Therefore, the Islamic Emirate should occasionally file complaints against America with its friend countries and ask for war reparations. This action severely criticizes America diplomatically and consequently leads it to agreement with the IEA’s suggestions and requests. To conclude, diplomacy and the position of a country can only be strong when the country is economically strong at the first step and then robust defensively. Ahmad Tamim

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.