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IEA recognition a must to widen work for war-ravaged Afghans

No country has so far recognized the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA), even the Islamic system has undergone nearly fifteen months of its governance.
This is while, the Islamic Emirate has fulfilled all what have been called its requirements for recognition, most importantly, ensuring security and fighting corruption.
There is no reason for the international community for not recognition the Islamic Emirate, as it has control all over the country’s territory, including ensuring nationwide security, fighting both financial and administrative corruption.
National legitimacy has now been done, apart from other to ask the Islamic government to do so, as any system understand what it do for its nation.
Some vicious groups are spreading and fueling propaganda among all over the world and disturb the public minds that the Islamic Emirate was against girls’ education or not ready to allow women rejoin their government offices.
Journalists around the world have to visit Afghanistan, but accurately, fairly and exactly provide report about the situation in Afghanistan, if they are doubted about.
Girls of 6 grades are regularly going to their schools, universities are open to both boys and girls, women are joining their offices and paid salaries on a monthly basis.
No one complain about corruption, theft, robberies or other criminal activities, as during the two so-called republic systems, people have become tired of widespread insecurity, corruption, armed theft, target murders and corruption in the country.
The international community should not excuse lack of inclusive government or the closing of girls’ schools as a reason for not recognition of the Islamic Emirate.
Afghanistan has now found its main service providers, and the takeover of the Islamic Emirate after the collapse of the false Islamic republic, the leader and politicians of which have all been corrupt and agents of the aliens.
The system is inclusive and more would be done for more inclusiveness. Also, providing an Islamic sharia based education curriculum are underway to open schools for the girls of all ages, as the Islamic Emirate promised.
Changes in the system, based on the people interest in most parts of the country, have been done and in order to appoint eligible and skilled individuals in the professional posts, the government asks all Afghan veterans and experienced cadres living abroad to return to their country and serve their people.
So, besides having political presence and wide engagement with the Islamic Emirate, the international community, particularly Afghanistan neighbors, Islamic countries and other friendly governments should recognize the Islamic system as well as avoid interference in its internal affairs.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.