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IEA reassures reopening girl schools, develop the country

Spokesman of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan IEA and Deputy to the country’s Ministry of Information and Culture, Zabihullah Mujahid has reassured that all girl schools and universities next year in accordance to Islamic rules.
Addressing a gathering of Shia religious scholars, influential figures and youths entitled “Islamic Unity in the Light of Islamic Justice”, Mujahid said the Islamic Emirate was working on a mechanism to
help girls return to schools and universities in line with Islamic and national principles.
“Our sisters should be assured that their schools will be reopen, the Islamic Emirate is making effort to build a mechanism to pave the way for all our sisters above sixth grade to rejoin their education,” Mujahid told the gathering.
Girls of secondary and high schools are yet to return schools and universities, since more than three months after the latest rapid changes in the country, with the Islamic Emirate taking power, in mid-August this outgoing year.
The country’s Deputy Minister of Information and culture also stated that ‘the current situation is in the interest of all of us,’ and that cave-dwelling would be ended in the country’s central Bamyan province.
The dwellers would be relocated and provided with residential township in the ancient province and generally “we will begin the Jihad for the development of the country,” Mujahid told the gathering of thousands of participants.
He called on the people for cooperation and empathy with the Islamic system as he said a new chapter has now opened for Afghanistan.
He went on as saying that plan to launch major uplift projects such as TAPI, CASA1000, Aynak Copper and some others are on hand.
“New Afghanistan has just emerged from war. The country’s economy will grow in less than six months,” said Mujahid who rejected if the Islamic Emirate was seeking revenge on anyone.
“Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA) are trying not to damage the dignity and honor of any of our compatriots,” he concluded. In the meantime, Kabul citizens expressed hope for a bright future of the country and said they would continue
supporting the Islamic Emirate for its honestly and unbiased services to the whole countrymen. “I am really happy to get notified by media that schools for girls of above 6th grade as well as universities are being
reopened, although next year,” said Mahsa Shifta a schoolgirl of seven grade in Kabul.
She who often wins first or second position in her class, told The Kabul Times that she was happy to remain and develop her education in her home country. “But I disappointed once schools were announced to shut. Now this is a promising story for me that schools would reopen, however next academic year.”
Remaining schools shut has not only disappointed and disheartened girl students but also caused worry among families that what will be the future of their daughters, as if they remained uneducated.
“As long as we see the Islamic Emirate fulfil its promises, such as justice restored, girls return to schools, women resume work, the rights of minorities respected, national unity secured and cities developed, we will never leave the country and continue supporting the Islamic system,” said Muhsen Rezaye, an influential
figure and Shiite Muslim, native to Bamyan province.
In the past, he said, there was only slogans and words rather to practically work for the country’s development or pay regard to other rights. “Billions of dollars from the international community in aid for the economic-devastated Afghans went into the pockets of the past regime corrupt officials, no one was minding the poor people, but thinking only to their own interest and filling their pockets,” he added. In Bamyan province, Rezaye said many people were living in caves in the wake of poverty and lack of shelter and they are seriously in need of relocation.
“I hope once I see our homeless people have own houses in their native province,” he wished. He thanked the Islamic Emirate for the plan it was going to implement for the Bamyan people, something neither done in the past no expected in the future.
A social media user, Bahara Mehraban also hoped once to see Bamyan is having their own houses to live, as they are still miserably living in the caves.
Posting a photo of the IEA’s spokesman and Deputy Minister of Information and Culture, Zabihullah Mujahid
with a selected part of his remarks about the dwelling of those living in the caves in Bamyan province, she said: “I will pay homage to you if you did this.”
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