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IEA punishes no one after announced amnesty

KABUL: Some fake sources and individuals propagate and blame the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan for some certain personal enmity and murder while IEA does not punish and prosecute anybody after amnesty.
Lately, a former government army officer Abdul Ghafar Hotak was killed by the sons of Kajir Khan, following a personal dispute in Paktia Kot area of 9th District of Kabul city.
Later the sons of Abdul Ghafar killed sons of Kajir Khan and injured a number of other people as well.
The IEA mujahidin are not involved in such incidents and more over the relevant judicial and
security authorities are investigating the case seriously. There are also have similar incidents in the capital and provinces where former military workers have been killed in personal feuds and the perpetrators have
been arrested.
The Kabul Times

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.