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IEA protects property and dignity of Afghan personalities, Delawar

KABUL: Shaikh Delawar, head of the Return and Communication Commission with the Afghan Personalities said that the Islamic Emirate protects the property and dignity of the Afghan political and military personalities.
In a conference held on the occasion, he called on the entire Afghan personalities, living abroad, to return home and resume their ordinary lives.
“After more than 40 years of war, dispute and insecurity, countrywide security and stability are now restored in the country and the ground for an intra-Afghan peace and understanding are provided,” said head of the commission adding the general amnesty announced by the IEA included all former government political and military personalities.
He said the government’s important leadership, including ministries of foreign, interior, order to virtue and prohibition from vice, general directorate for intelligence and chief of staffs of the ministry of defense have membership of the commission.
“They all have responsibility to provide contact with the Afghan personalities and provide the ground for their return and most importantly for their security and safety in the country,” he went on a saying.
In the conference, the commission draft for contacts with the Afghan personalities was also publicized.
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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.