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IEA not against women education

Since the takeover of the country by the Islamic Emirate, more than one year ago, women work and education has made hot topics of national and international media.
A UN team recently met with the authorities of the Islamic Emirate and discussed issues relating to women work and education in the country.
Likewise, in the past, many internal and foreign organizations have negotiated about the key issue with the related officials of the Islamic Emirate.
The United States has also frozen the poverty-suffered nation’s reserves, to blackmail the Islamic Emirate for its own interest. It is obvious that the U.S. and its allies are looking for a mere excuse for human rights such as women’s work and education.
Recently, a religious organization – Nahzat-ul-Ulama Conference – has also asked the Islamic Emirate for the reopening of girls’ schools and universities.
The conference was held in the capital Kabul on Thursday to study the overall social and political situation in the country, according to some media outlets.
Chiefly religious scholars, the conference, which was held in the country’s capital Kabul, on Thursday (last week) to study social and political situation in the country, asked the organs relevant to reopen girls’ schools and universities.
A four-point resolution was issued by the conference in which it asked the government of the Islamic Emirate to reopen girls’ schools.
“With due respect, we want the IEA to reopen the doors of schools and universities to the girls,” according to the resolution.
This is to be noted that during the past 20 years of the two western-backed regimes, the entire curriculums in both schools and universities have been managed based on foreign plans that required big changes.
The related organs of the Islamic Emirate have never said that the ban will be permanent or if the IEA was against women work and education. Even the country’s ministry of education has recently announced that girls below seventh grade could rejoin their classes, while plan was underway to reopen schools for those above 6th countrywide.
As an Islamic country, Afghanistan needs all education laws to ensure in accordance with the Islamic teachings. The past curriculums have almost been empty of Islamic subjects and few subjects have been considered in the curriculum so far.
Certainly, this is the main responsibility of the experts and the religious scholars to work on the issue and help an Islamic sharia-based curriculum to institutionalize in schools and universities of the country.
World educational advocacy entities and those in favor of women’s work and education should cooperate with the Islamic Emirate to develop an education based on the demand of the Islamic and Afghan accepted culture, rather to unfairly blame the Islamic system for violating women and girls’ rights.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.