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IEA not against girls’ education

Negative assertions and rumors from malicious circles are still spreading that the Islamic Emirate was against girls’ education.
These rumors are mostly spread by certain western countries and their allies saying that the Islamic Emirate was not planned to reopen girls’ schools.
Since the return of the Islamic Emirate to power last year, the authorities are making efforts to set up principles, curriculum, educational sites based on the Islamic Sharia and provide specific covers for girls and then send them to the education centers. However it takes longer than expected to reach the goal, because a system which has begun and resumed work from nil, after long governance of the past corrupt regimes, is too difficult to arrange all plans simultaneously.
As the spokesman of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan Zabihullah Mujahid stated at a gathering organized by Ittihad-ul-Ulama (Religious Scholars’ Union) in Turkiye, girls schooling has been held up for some certain reasons. This doesn’t mean that the Islamic Emirate was against girls’ education.
As the IEA spokesman noted work was underway on the issue, and a commission earlier set to address girls’ education, was still busy in arranging separate classrooms, fair curriculum and transportation services for girls in the country.
“Male students are going to schools and getting education from first to the twelfth grades and girls of sixth grades are regularly joining their schools,” said Mujahid who added schools from seventh to the twelfth grades, are stopped, however, due to some legal and logical reasons.
“This is not because we are against girls education, but we are preparing their principles, curriculum, educational places, and transportation, in order to make sure that people mentally allow their daughters to be educated, their hijabs are observed and that what they learn is valid, because our past curriculum was made by America and if that system was implemented in the country, their ideas will change and they will be against the country,” the Islamic Emirate spokesman told the gathering.
If the Islamic Emirate was against girls’ education, then it would have clearly expressed its goal about, but the authorities have repeatedly said the issue was under discussion and would take some times to be finalized.
Under the holy Islamic Sharia, education is a right and an obligation for both men and women. Without naming specific groups, individuals or gender, the holy Islam ordered humane being to learn and get educated.
Students, their parents and the Afghan society as a whole have to observe patience and wait for the final decision of the related authorities. They are working on the issue and there is no option other than reopening schools for girls of all ages.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.