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IEA must be prepared for intellectual war

We don’t want to probe into the origins of the intellectual war, but the Americans initiated a crusade war against Islam since 2001, which is remembered as an unprecedented war in the history of intellectual conflicts. The humiliating defeat of the Americans and its allies with the support of Allah the Almighty in Afghanistan may also be concealed in the profound impacts of their intellectual war. Unfortunately, no effective action has been taken to mitigate its consequences. Unfortunately, most of the members of our society, especially the youth, are excessively occupied by intellectual war, lacking the ability to identify enemies since society faces an invisible threat from such individuals in the future, who should have been utilized to achieve the sacred goals of Islamic government. The most serious and threatening problem facing the Islamic Emirate is that the Crusader enemy, besides military engagement, has also significantly infiltrated at very high levels of control (intellectually). Therefore, it requires serious attention, and the government must take necessary actions in this regard. The enemies had various tools to wage the intellectual war, but the media (press) were the most effective ones. The media created by the enemy within the country, thankfully, are still mostly un der the control of the Islamic Emirate. But as much as the enemy used this media for intellectual occupation, the Ministry of Information and Culture and other relevant institutions should use it to liberate from intellectual occupation. It is worth noting that the same actors who initiated this dangerous war against the Islamic movement are still alive and active with a changed appearance. The Ministry of Information and Culture of the Islamic Emirate is obliged to train competent journalists and support the state-owned media to counter the deep effects of the American intellectual war in our Muslim community. At that time, we can argue that our government has taken effective and tangible steps to liberate society from intellectual occupation. Mashal Noori

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.