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IEA making efforts to improve Pak-Afghan trade

KABUL: Officials from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA) have left for Pakistan, seeking to find ways in easing and providing opportunities for bilateral trade between Pakistan and Afghanistan.
The two-countries meeting body will sign the agreement previously agreed upon between these two countries to solve trade and commercial problems.
Meanwhile, there were some tensions over trade between the neighboring countries. However, the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA) is seeking to illuminate the obstacles in the way of investment in the two countries.
Mohammad Younus Momand, Head of Chamber of Commerce and Trade of the IEA told in a press conference that a delegation of the IEA has left for Lahore, Pakistan to find ways of successful trade between Afghanistan and Pakistan.
Meantime, officials from the chamber added that the IEA delegation would sign an agreement to facilitate the trade and commerce between the two countries.
Momand added that the Pakistan-Afghanistan Joint Chamber of Commerce and Industry said that the delegation will discuss the issues and problems relating the trade between the two sides.
He said that the agreement was previously prepared between Kabul and Lahore and the IEA delegation will talk over the bilateral cooperation in trade with Pakistan.
On the other hand, Pakistan-Afghanistan Joint Chamber of Commerce and Industry said that the delegation from Afghanistan would also visit the industrial parks in Lahore, Pakistan.
Naqibullah Safi, Head of the joint chamber said that there will be discussions over issues related to investment in the two neighboring countries.
While the delegation has left for Pakistan, Deputy Prime Minister Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar visited Torkham Gate. In his visit, Mullah Baradar talked to the official organs related to Customs over the situation of passengers, transit and trade issues.
Pakistan being one of the biggest trade partners of Afghanistan, a large number of products and goods are exported to the country and transited to other countries through its routing channels.
However, Afghan businessmen said that although Pakistan is one of the largest partners of Afghan in trade and commerce, they face many problems with the country regarding trade and commerce.
They added that sometimes due to the closure of Torkham Gate, Afghan Lorries face a lot of serious problems. Moreover, different additional taxes and creating other obstacles have made them cold-hearted to engage with them in commercial and business venues.
These businessmen, appreciating the government’s efforts said that diplomatic relations, trade laws and conventions can solve the problems in the times to come.
They are hopeful for the IEA delegation visit to Pakistan and say that Pakistan is one of our neighboring countries with long established trade continuing to keep it that way. In addition, the government should solve the previous problems and Pakistan should stop creating problems and obstacles in business sector.
On the other hand, a number of businessmen ask the Islamic Emirate to pay effective attention to the sector of industrial parks. In the meantime, the government should support the investor and businessmen to make investments in the industrial parks. That is, they should be provided with opportunities to invest in the home country as well.
Zargul, an Afghan businessman told to The Kabul Times that the current infrastructures are lagging behind the regional and international standards. Also, they cannot help Afghanistan reach the point of economic growth. In this respect, the Islamic Emirate especially Ministry of Commerce and Chamber of Trade and Commerce are also following the old path.
According to him, the only impediment for investment in Afghanistan is the shortage of energy, lack of access to basic infrastructure as well as absence of addresses of different areas of Afghanistan in Google Map application. Moreover, the lack of rules and regulations, shortage of human power, industrials parks in many provinces, and not digitalizing the systems as well as the inaccessibility to electronic devices and a significant number of other issues are the main obstacles restricting the way of trade and business.
Besides, he added that the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan is hoped to solve all of these problems so that the investors and businessmen can assuredly makes investments inside the country.


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