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IEA Leader’s Eid message inspiring, promising

The people of Afghanistan want to live in peace and security under the leadership of the Islamic Emirate, after long years of coming out from twenty years of foreigners occupation. The time has now come for the Muslim nation to see themselves in full peace and reach their rights in the light of Islamic Sharia. In his Eid message, besides congratulating the most sacred religious festivity to the Afghan nation and Muslims worldwide, the Supreme Leader said the Islamic Emirate considered itself responsible for the welfare and well-being of the people and that all sectors, including economics, culture and education have been developed and further improved and efforts were underway to do more in these areas. Some excerpts of the leader’s messages on the advent of the blessing Eid ul-Fitr are as follow: “Officials and Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate are obliged to make more efforts and sincerity in serving the people because serving the people is worship and should be done properly and their legitimate rights and happiness should be taken into account.” “The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan considers itself responsible for the welfare of its people and ensures their rights under the Sharia law, it does this for the pleasure of the Almighty Allah and fulfilling its Sharia obligations, in order that everyone should be sure that their Sharia rights will be given, following this great purpose, the courts have been established both in the center and provinces to help the oppressed, prevent oppression and to ensure justice, therefore, citizens should cooperate with the courts in ensuring justice and avoid recommendations, fake and fraudulent claims.” “Since the main goal of our Jihad and struggle was the implementation of Islamic law, welfare of the people and the religious and moral reform of the society, with the grace of Allah, significant measures have been taken in this regard.” “The Vice and Virtue as our highest duty is under implementation, everyone should fully cooperate with the concerned ministry helping its employees in commanding good and preventing inappropriate acts.” “Significant reform measures have been taken in culture, education, economy, media and other fields, and the bad intellectual and moral effects of the 20-year occupation are about to finish. Countrymen should consider these reform measures important because living in the light of Sharia principles will lead to the well-being of our world and the hereafter, as well as the eternal happiness, success and salvation of our society.” What has been mentioned above, which is the direct assertions of the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, could be called the most inspiring and promising and unbiasedly helpful for the whole Afghan nation. But those, including cabinet ministers, key members of the Islamic Emirate, particularly the Ministry of Order to Virtue and Prohibition from Vice and countrywide Ulama Council who have been directly addressed by the leaders, should pay serious attention to their responsibilities and work hard for the elimination of all kinds of tribal, linguistic and racial discrimination, injustice, nepotism and other vicious activities which questions the high position and approach of the Islamic system. The nation should also be attentive that they have grave responsible too. They should honestly cooperate with the related organs by providing firm and sincere information about any subversive activities (like what was mentioned above) and sharing them with the responsible officials to fully implement justice and help the people reach their rights in accordance with the Sharia laws.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.