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IEA invites Afghan personalities to return home

The political commission of contact with Afghan political and military personalities abroad made public its 15 clauses’ procedure in a press conference.
The article 7th of the political commission procedure says: “the commission will issue a special identification card to any of those Afghan personalities who return home after assurances of political commission, and the commission should prepare a secured and honorable life, and like all other Afghans may enjoy trusting safety.” Furthermore, the clause 8 of the procedure says: “Those Afghans who come back to the country through this commission, based on the decree of general amnesty of the supreme leader of IEA, no one is allowed to prosecute, torture and threat them as per their previous jobs.” The head of the commission Shahabudin Dilawar called upon Afghan political and military figures to return home and there is no threat to themselves and their properties.
After August 15th and following the collapse of the US-backed regime, hundreds of political, military and civil service figures have fled the country, still living abroad. The US and its allies have evacuated thousands of Afghans who had worked with the US and its partners in the past 20 years. According to the reports, the majority of the political and military figures are willing to return home if the IEA guarantees their life and property.
Sadly, many of these personalities are under the direct supervision of the host countries and some of them have even been deported back. It is clear that living as refugee is the most difficult part of life one bears. Although, the politicians and all military and civil service members of the previous regime were given a general amnesty by the IEA supreme leader, they left the country and chose a self-exiled life.
Beside, living as asylum seekers in other countries put the dignity and prestige of Afghans personalities under a question and jeopardy. It is more likely that the antagonists of Afghan people invest and hire some of them to work against the government, stability and peace of Afghanistan. The enemies of Afghanistan might misuse Afghan personalities in self-exile and coerce them to work for their interest, no matter if it requires them to harm their own people. It is usual that the enemy states might get benefits of their undesirable political and social conditions in exile.
At the same time, inside the country, the supporters of those personalities are important because they are part of the nation, so they will play a strong role in the stability and development of the country. It is clear that every political and military leader has its own supporters in Afghanistan. If the leaders of those folks [supporters] are abroad and/or in exile, they will feel that their leaders are forcefully exiled, so their supporters would automatically stand with the enemy of the current government. So, it is on government not to give this chance to the antagonist states and individuals to misuse Afghan personalities and their supporters, aimed at harming our unity and fragile stability. Certainly, the decision of IEA is most welcomed by every individual Afghans inside and outside the country. Such steps are urgent necessity of time for Afghanistan. We must move from division toward unity, and from reprisals to amnesty. All Afghan factions and personalities must forget the unfortunate past and think of a prosperous future for all. For sure, such decisions and steps pave the way for stable, secured and prosperous tomorrow. People of Afghanistan from all backgrounds and classes should see themselves in the government and sense that the government is theirs and they are of the government as a single body.
Consequently, the success of the process of having Afghan personalities returned to the country depends on the full honesty and serious commitment of IEA and the <commission of contact with political and military figures>. So, it is a must for IEA to stand firm on its promises and remove barriers of the way for returning of Afghan personalities to their homes with dignity and honor. If this process is succeeded practically, this would be one of the great achievements to IEA and all Afghan nation. This would lead to thousands of ordinary Afghan diaspora coming back home with pride and willingness, something very few might imagine to come true as for now.
So, the big test lays ahead of the commission to be passed through successfully.
Nasratullah Haqpal is a #Kabul based Legal, Political and Policy expert who focuses on #Afghanistan, #Pak and #US, #Russia, #China, #EU foreign policies.
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By: Nasratullah Hapal

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