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IEA holds cabinet meeting

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan IEA held cabinet meeting that was participated by the officials from
all ministries and independent Directorates.
Following the discussions on the depreciation of the Afghani currency against the dollar, the Economic
Commission was instructed to take immediate and serious action in this regard and if required, seek help
from the Ministry of Interior MoI and Directorate of Intelligence.
The officials further added that urgent and serious decisions must be taken to prevent money laundering. If anyone is caught smuggling currency, they should be sent to jail and the money should be handed over
to the Afghanistan Bank. The meeting also approved the draft of the administrative board regarding the
Administrative Reform and Civil Service Commission and the Directorate of Property whose next steps
will be carried out in accordance with the principles. Moreover a delegation was assigned to better organize
the distribution of humanitarian aids. The delegation will be led by the Acting Minister of Economics, Qari
Din Mohammad Hanif and will include officials from the Ministry of Disasters Management, the Ministry
of Public Health, the Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development, the Ministry of Refugees, the
Ministry of Martyrs and Disabled and the Afghan Red Crescent Society. According to the cabinet decision,
the Kabul Green Belt project has been transferred from the Ministry of Agriculture to the Kabul Municipality. Based on this project, trees will be planted on 550 hectares of land in areas including Asmayee and
Sher entrances of Kabul city, Qargha and north of Kabul Airport that will transform the look of Kabul city.
Retirement and pension relevant problems, the treatment of the heirs of martyrs at government hospitals
and many other issues were also discussed in details. The Kabul Times

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.