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IEA has been able to find solution for problems despite pressures & sanctions

Afghan experts say the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA) has been able to find solution for a range of problems despite of increasing pressures and sanctions from foreign countries. According to Afghan experts, the Islamic Emirate has inherited many problems from the previous corrupt government.
The mobility of new terrorist groups in the name of resistance, the poisonous products of the imported democracy’s machine, ethnic disputes, four million drug addicts, domestic and international migration, usurpation of public and government properties and lands , armed robberies, theft and interferences of regional countries in the internal affairs of Afghanistan are a range of problems that have been given to us as a result of the illegal presence of foreign armed forces.
“Leaders of the Islamic Emirate have been able to find solutions for some problems they have inherited from the previous government despite of pressures and sanctions,” said Rostar Taraki, a former professor of law and politics at Kabul University.
According to Taraki, those governments that do not have the constitution-based principle and legitimate status are to face with problems inside and outside of the country.
Taraki said that drafting the constitution gives a system legal legitimacy, asking leaders of the Islamic Emirate to form a committee from religious ulamas and legal experts to start working on drafting the constitution.
“As an expert in the constitution, I’m ready to share my professional experience and capabilities with the committee,” Taraki said, adding that it is also necessary to hold Loya Jirga to approve a possible constitution for Afghanistan.
He further said that after the approval of the constitution, a government to be led by Taliban and other pious experts would be formed based on verdicts of the constitution, adding that the new government could get vote of confidence from the jirga.
According to Taraki, the new government will get its legitimacy from the Loya Jirga, will be recognized by the international community, while will help end the current economical sanctions and political pressures.
Taraki warned if the Islamic Emirate’s current system were not formed based on the constitution, it would not get domestic legitimacy, not be recognized by the international community, could not ask for compensation of the past illegal war from foreigners, could not submit documents of war crimes committed by foreign forces to ICC and could not punish national traitors and corrupts officials.
Rostar Taraki

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.