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IEA getting closer to world, as Gulf summit pledges cooperation

A high level delegation of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (EIA) led by the country’s acting Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mawlavi Amir Khan Muttaqi, returned home last week, after five-day Gulf countries’ summit ended in Doha, the capital of the Arab country of Qatar.
The delegation met with the representatives of the Gulf Cooperation Council and the envoys of European countries.
The Afghan visiting team held productive talks with representatives from the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and envoys of European countries.
The visit of the IEA delegation to Doha was a success and productive towards strengthening the country’s relations with Gulf and the European countries.
During the summit, Gulf countries pledged support to Afghanistan’s development.
Issues on health, economic and commercial sectors were discussed during the meeting, with the participating countries promising support in the said fields.
As the country’s foreign minister said, this was the first visit of the IEA delegation to attend the Gulf state meeting which has been hailed to be full of achievements, after political changes in mid-August last year.
“It was our first meeting with the Gulf states. It is an achievement that we didn’t have before,” said the acting minister after his arrival in Kabul.
The country’s Foreign Minister also convoyed the problems of the country’s businessmen living in the Gulf states with the participants of the summit.
Besides pledges to continue delivering humanitarian assistance and scholarships for the Afghan students, the ongoing humanitarian crisis, education and capacity building were also the issues focused on, in the meeting.
We, the people of Afghanistan appreciate the European states for their pledges to help the country deal with issues such as health and economic challenges.
This is to be noted that Afghanistan has now become more independent than the past and no militant groups would be allowed to use the Afghan soil against any other countries.
The IEA is now focusing on its economic development and the prosperity of the Afghan nation, as full security is now ensured countrywide and the IEA is taking strong steps towards uprooting corruption as the related organs managed to bring the wicked phenomenon to nil throughout the country’s business ports and other government administrations.
Afghanistan now working for stronger security to develop and to reach the goal, neither internal warmongers nor foreign militants would be allowed to disturb security or influence the country’s borders to seek safe haven and use the Afghan territory against any nations.
The IEA assures the world that the Afghan soil would be secure for the whole friendly countries to resume diplomatic missions, international investors to invest in various fields, particularly in mining and foreign tourists to visit around the country.
The world should be confident that Afghanistan has now opened a new chapter of good relation with its neighbors, region and other world nations and would go ahead peacefully. But unfortunately, some certain western countries under different unjustifiable pretexts, want to impose pressures on the Islamic Emirate to have their own interests achieved and their goals reached.
Afghanistan is an independent country and would deal with the world independently. Afghanistan needs help from the world based on mutual interests and under the internationally accepted standards and would never be a puppet anymore to be used as a ground for proxy wars.
So, let’s leave hostility, shake hands of friendship and extend cooperation for more progress and more changes, rather to interfere in the internal affairs of each other that undermines relations and provide the ground for the influence of internal and foreign malicious groups.

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