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IEA fulfills all conditions for recognition, Mawlavi Kabir

KABUL: The Deputy Prime Minister for Political Affairs Mawlavi Abdul Kabir, calling the world sanctions on Afghanistan “unfair”, said the current Islamic system has completed all conditions for recognition and should be officially recognized. Mawlavi Kabir made the remarks in a meeting with Roza Otunbayeva, the Head of UNAMA and the Secretary-General’s Special Representative for Afghanistan, Arg said in a statement the other day Addressing the meeting, the deputy PM Kabir said the IEA has fulfilled all the conditions for recognition, it should be recognized and Afghanistan’s permanent seat in the UN should be given to the representative of the current Islamic system, according to the statement. Calling the imposed sanctions on the IEA and some officials “unfair” Mawlavi Kabir said these restrictions have prevented positive interaction, negotiations and political understanding between the Islamic Emirate and the world. He asked the UNAMA chief Roza Otunbayeva to present the realities of Afghanistan at the upcoming meeting on Afghanistan in Doha. Meanwhile, Otunbayeva said the international community was willing to implement fundamental projects in Afghanistan and it was vital to carry out basic development work for Afghans, the statement added. Recalling the upcoming meeting in Doha as a good opportunity for Afghanistan to attract humanitarian aid for Afghans, she said the IEA delegation would be able to hold meetings and exchange views with representatives of other countries. Otunbayeva expressed concern over the forced expulsion of Afghan refugees from Pakistan and said that this issue would harm the relations between the two countries, adding that during a trip to Pakistan, she had also shared these problems and concerns with officials of the neighboring country. Javed Husain

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.