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IEA fulfilled commitments made in Doha Agreement

Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan Mawlavi Amir Khan Muttaqi in his most recent remarks has said that the Islamic Emirate has met all necessary and principal conditions to be recognized as a legitimate government of Afghanistan. Besides, he has said that the IEA has fulfilled all its commitments made in Doha, accusing the United States for violating its promises they had made for releasing prisoners and lifting the travel ban against the IEA leaders.
In an interview with BBC, acting minister of foreign affairs has said it is time that the international community should recognize the Islamic Emirate.
“The time has come for the international community to recognize the Islamic Emirate as the IEA has fulfilled all its commitments made in Doha Agreement,” Muttaqi said.
Pointing to considerable progress made in the past 18 months in Afghanistan Muttaqi said that the Islamic Emirate by maintaining strong interaction with regional countries has paved the ground for regional countries as Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Russia, China, Central Asian countries, Pakistan and Iran to reopen their embassies in Kabul.
According to Muttaqi, the Islamic Emirate has adopted a balanced policy and does not want Afghanistan to be the center for big powers’ competition. He stressed that the Islamic Emirate is making effort to change Afghanistan to the center for economy, connection and transit and connect the Central Asia to the South Asia.
Meanwhile, the Islamic Emirate has called on the United Nations to give Afghanistan permanent mission to the United Nations to the Islamic Emirate. The Islamic Emirate Spokesperson Zabihullah Mujahid has once again called on the United Nations to give Afghanistan’s permanent mission to the UN to the Islamic Emirate.
The Islamic Emirate’s spokesman, Zabihulllah Mujahid, said that chargé d’affaires of the Afghanistan Permanent Mission to the UN, Naseer Ahmad Faiq, cannot represent the Islamic Emirate and that the seat should be given to the Islamic Emirate.
“Regarding the Afghan seat in the UN, it is our right to be represented in the UN. Besides, Afghanistan’s assets frozen by the U.S. also belong to Afghans. The U.S. goes for hateful policies rather than meaningful ones, Mujahid said.
The Islamic Emirate in September 2021 appointed Suhail Shaheen, who is currently heading up the political office in Qatar, as Afghanistan’s ambassador to the UN.
Although the Islamic Emirate has fulfilled its commitments that have been made in Doha, but the international community has yet to recognize the Islamic Emirate as the legitimate government of Afghanistan. The IEA has repeatedly called on the world countries to recognize its government as it has met all necessary conditions of a legal and legitimate government. In recent weeks, hopes have increased that the Islamic Emirate will be officially recognized by a number of regional and world countries.
Saida Ahmadi

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