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IEA emphasis on transportation sector, infrastructure development

The transportation sector plays a crucial role as a foundational industry in driving the country’s economic road and its development holds significant potential. With this in mind, the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has prioritized the advancement of the transportation sector this includes the provision of efficient secure and standardized transportation services strengthening ties with neighboring and regional nations implementing transparent and accountable systems. Fostering opportunities for private investment enhancing public transportation infrastructure and initiating fundamental reforms in the administrative structure. Concrete actions have been taken to worsen the reconstruction of highways such as Kabul-Kandahar road as well as the reconstruction and refurbishment of roads in major cities and beyond the capital. Efforts were also underway to extend roads from provincial centers to remote districts and establish railway connections with neighboring and regional countries. The implementation of the Afghan trans project is particularly significant as it not only facilitates connectivity between south and central Asia but also establishes the shortest transit cordially linking China and Europe, reconstruction of the Afghan trans-railway will not only provide substantial benefits in terms of exports and imports but will also create opportunities in the mining sector, this will lead to the employment of tens of thousands of individuals and the establishment of various transport related facilities thereby generating further job opportunities. The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan places special emphasis on expanding and trade strengthening economic relations with neighboring countries and the brother region. Investing in the transportation sector holds great value and has the potential to contribute significantly to the national budget by generating substantial revenue and creating new business prospects. Desk of reporter: S. Raqib

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.