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Unfortunately, Afghanistan faced various challenges and problems in previous years, and previous governments failed to safeguard the Afghan people’s national and religious interests. Some officials of the previous governments were funded from abroad, undoubtedly having adverse effects on national policies and major decisions. The country has even been invaded by Western governments led by the United States, causing significant harm to the values of its people. Over the past forty years, Afghan citizens have struggled with numerous challenges from both internal and external sources. From Russian occupation to American intervention and interference. Fortunately, their dominance and rule came to an end after the Mujahidin of Afghanistan fought for over twenty years. Now, it is a source of pride that Afghanistan has been under the governance of the Islamic Emirate for two and a half years, and now, bolstered by national unity, it is advancing with success. In the past, not only was Afghanistan under foreign occupation, but also its core national and moral principles faced the threat of erosion Various forces explicitly targeted the destruction and corruption of the nation’s youth under different guises. The downfall of the previous regime stemmed from the indulgence and irresponsibility of individuals, both domestically and internationally, who lacked commitment to Islamic or Afghan values. They prioritized personal pleasure and financial gain over all else. Forty years ago, misguided actors subjected Afghanistan to Russian occupation, resulting in tragic events that not only harmed themselves but also inflicted immense suffering on the Afghan populace. Their actions laid the groundwork for hypocrisy and ethnic prejudices in Afghanistan for five years. During the civil wars, the blood of innocent Afghans was spilled, and only in the initial phase of the Islamic Emirate did a semblance of central governance and security exist. However, driven by selfish ethnic motives, certain factions once again exposed the nation to international exploitation, leading to the U.S. and NATO’s unwarranted attack on Afghanistan in late 2001, disregarding all norms of international conduct. The absence of any positive or beneficial outcomes from the occupation prompted the indigenous inhabitants, under the leadership of the Islamic Emirate, to take up arms against the occupiers and mount armed resistance against invaders. During this period, not only was the country under occupation, but corruption had also reached such alarming levels that its containment was exceedingly challenging. America openly flouted the nation’s moral and national values, as is evident to all Afghans to this day. These were individuals who prioritized national identity over subjugation. Over the past fifty years, the true intentions of all parties concerning the preservation of Afghanistan’s territorial integrity became evident as we witnessed the tactics employed to sow discord among its people. Such actions denigrated cherished values and engaged in activities contrary to Afghans’ honor. Fortunately, both internal and external adversaries failed to install their proxies and puppet leaders in this nation. The Muslim nation of Afghanistan respectfully requests the extremists, nationalists, conflicting groups, malicious countries, and social institutions in the country to let Afghanistan spend some time in tranquility and peace. They should not allow those who seek to turn Afghanistan into an insecure land to succeed and not be influenced by their propaganda wars. Every day, we hear poisonous and deadly advertisements on international radio platforms that do not benefit them. We observe that sometimes, these self-interested and anti-Afghan groups coordinate with enemies of Afghan peace to hold meetings and conferences abroad. However, their efforts always end up without results. Meetings held overseas have consistently yielded no tangible outcomes despite earnest endeavors. The Islamic Emirate faces numerous adversaries, both domestically and internationally, whose intentions and goals are widely recognized. Nevertheless, we remain steadfast in our belief that these adversaries’ determination cannot thwart our resolve. Given that the foundation of the Islamic Emirate rests upon Islamic principles and values, the rights and status of every Afghan citizen, irrespective of their ethnic or racial background, are safeguarded equally and impartially. The global community should contribute to the stability in Afghanistan, and it must refrain from propagating against the Islamic Emirate and abstain from endorsing factions seeking to destabilize the nation once again. Safi

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.