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“IEA committed to all Islamic rights of people”

In a meeting with Ulama delegation from the United Arab Emirates (UAE), acting Minister of Interior Khalifa Serajuddin Haqqani, reaffirmed the Islamic Emirate’s commitment to both men and women education in the country.
Other members of the Islamic Emirate have already acknowledged that education has been sought compulsory (as a religious obligation in one of the holy prophet’s hadith) on men and women and that the incumbent Islamic system was committed to grant the people all their rights within the Islamic sharia law.
Scores of similar meetings have earlier been held at the national, regional and international levels on women’s work and education in Afghanistan, while the Islamic Emirate has repeatedly said the ban was not permanent.
The IEA acting Foreign Minister was quoted in a statement by the ministry to have discussed political, economic and security matters as well as issues relating to the expansion of bilateral relations between Kabul and Doha and women education in Afghanistan.
Actually, some world countries are playing double policy with Afghanistan led by the Islamic system and they are still doing so, while the IEA wants to honestly interact with all world countries, particularly with its neighbors. According to Minister Haqqani establishment of ties with the Islamic Emirate was in the interest of the neighboring countries and the region and world as a whole.
The world, particularly, the UN should understand that Afghanistan would never be allowed to get isolated and the Islamic Emirate is making efforts to tackle all challenges in the light of Islamic teachings.
Reports suggest that the UN has asked the Secretary-General to conduct an integrated and independent assessment of the situation in Afghanistan.
The Secretary-General was tasked to consult with all relevant political actors and stakeholders, including relevant authorities, women and civil society activists as well as the regional and wider international community and demanded the report to be presented not later than 17 November of the current year.
The IEA respects and welcomes all unbiased and independent assessments of the situation in Afghanistan and asks the UN body to conduct it with no meddling from malicious groups or those who are against the implementation of a real Islamic system which considers the rights of the entire people including women and girls in accordance with the Islamic teachings.
The assessment should be carried out based on realities and discussed with the real Afghans who are in favor of their country’s security, stability, sovereignty and territorial integrity, not those who are working for the aliens and launching propaganda against the Islamic system. However, there is no need of conducting such assessments, since the IEA is committed to the preservation of all human rights and the rights of the entire Afghan citizens, with no exception of women or girls under the holy Islamic law and the nationally accepted traditions.
Any biased and discriminate launch of assessments will tackle no problem, but rather increases doubts, suspicions and mistrust independent right activists and entities.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.