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IEA capable to decide Afghans’ fate

The issue of human rights in Afghanistan, has become a hot discussion in many world countries which claim they are rights activists. Actually, Afghanistan itself has made hot topics of world media, after more than one year of the Islamic Emirate’s resuming power.
Girls’ education and women’s work are still among serious issues at the national and international level, in addition to some certain vicious groups’ claims that Afghanistan, by providing shelters to militant groups, has turned a threat to the region or the neighbors.
Human rights, particularly women work and education have even been one of the main conditions that the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has to respect in Doha agreement.
Also, recently, a conference entitled “International Conference on Afghan Women’s Education” co-chaired by Indonesia and Qatar, was convened in Bali of Indonesia on 8 December late on last week.
This was the first such meeting to be held since the takeover of power by the Islamic Emirate in the largest Muslim country, where representatives of 38 countries, international organizations, NGOs and academics have attended.
The participants stressed the need for supporting women’s education in Afghanistan.
Some speakers of the conference said ‘female education is an investment for the future of the nation’ and added that hundreds of Afghan women would be provided with scholarships to educate out of the country, while some said Afghan women are deprived of education.
A religious speaker at the conference asked the Islamic Emirate to lift all restrictions and help both men and women get access to education equally.
Anyway, this should be noted that any system has its own program for managing affairs of its nation and the key point, as the Islamic Emirate has always stated, is making an Islamic sharia-based curriculum other than what has earlier been applied under the so-call democratic systems, in the country.
As a spokesman of the Islamic Emirate said, all affairs of the country are carried out within the Islamic sharia and the Islamic system is committed to all women rights including their education, in the country.
Brining amendments in the education curriculum is not a simple task, which could be finalized easily. This requires enough time and most importantly the Islamic Emirate knows what to do for the nation, including their rights better than others.
So, the Islamic Emirate is capable of making decision about the Afghans fates, including their rights of work or education and there is no need of others’ plan in this respect.
Afghanistan is now in a dire need of cooperation to boost its economic situation and overcome poverty, as the Islamic Emirate is committed to implement all affairs under the Islamic system.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.