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IEA calls on international community for positive engagement

Afghanistan Ministry of Economy (MoE) has informed of imposing sanctions on Afghanistan by the international community, saying that the sanctions will put negative impacts on the economic situation, trade and banking system. Officials of the ministry are asking the international community to go for positive engagement with the Islamic Emirate rather than exerting pressure and imposing sanctions on Afghanistan. “Sanctions can result in negative impacts on the economic situation, trade and banking system of Afghanistan. We want the international community to go for engagement with the Islamic Emirate,” said Abdul Latif Nazari, deputy minister of economy. According to information of the country’s Ministry of Economy, more than 500 foreign welfare organizations are operating in Afghanistan. Pointing to foreign aids, the deputy minister of economy said the Islamic Emirate welcomed the humanitarian aids provided by various international organizations; therefore, the Islamic Emirate was providing facilities for them to deliver their humanitarian services to the people of Afghanistan. Meanwhile, a number of Kabul residents say they cannot provide enough for their families as their incomes are so low. “Teachers get 8,000 AFG as salary each month, which is very low to provide food for their families,” said Najibullah, a schoolteacher in Kabul. Abdul Samad, another resident of Kabul and a street vendor, says he cannot pay the rent of the house where he is living. “I cannot get enough to pay the rent of the house where I’m living. Besides, my children don’t go to school as I have nothing for them,” Abdul Samad said. Economists say that the government should work and plan long-term programs so that the living condition of the people get improved by such programs. According to the country’s economists, 90 percent of the country’s families with their low incomes cannot maintain the principal needs of their life. They said that the international community and charity organizations should work on solution to the problem of livelihood in Afghanistan. For example, some international organizations that are operating in various humanitarian fields should mobilize their work to help the poor people of Afghanistan. They added that to address the ongoing economic crisis, the international community should continue their humanitarian assistance to the people of Afghanistan. Continued droughts and the country’s poor economic situation are among the reasons for increasing poverty and food insecurity among low-income families in Afghanistan. It is time that the international community should not forget the people of Afghanistan and should cooperate with the people and government of Afghanistan to address the economic crisis.

Shukria Kohistani

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.