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IEA calls for world cooperation to help recent earthquake victims

The State Ministry for Natural Disaster Management of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA) has said that the death toll caused by the recent earthquake has reached to 10 people, adding that more than 50 others have been wounded in the country.  According to the ministry,  hundreds of residential houses
have also been destroyed as a result of the earthquake. The ministry has said that efforts have been
made to help the earthquake victims,  but the international community and relevant welfare organizations have been also asked to cooperate in this regard.  “The death toll caused by the recent earthquake has reached to 10 people,” said Shafiullah Rahimi,  a spokesperson for the country’s
ministry for disaster management.  He added that more than 50 people have been wounded following the earthquake jolted the country late last week.  He added that the number of buildings that has been destroyed due to the earthquake is more than 800 including those destroyed completely and partially damaged.  According to the ministry’s spokesperson, the information they have received so far shows
that more buildings have been damaged in Kunar and Parwan provinces than in other areas, particularly
Badakhshan.  Ehsanullah Ehsan, provincial director for disaster management,  told The Kabul Times correspon-dent that based on the primary information received from across Kunar province, 285 Houses have been damaged, 5 people were injured and 18 animals have been perished as the result of the recent earthquake. He added that they had the primary figures, adding that the casualties might increase.  The country’s ministry for natural disaster management has said that their teams are in six districts of Kunar as Shegel, Asmar,  Dangam, Sarkano, Sawkai and Asadabad surveying so that they
can distribute foodstuffs and warm clothes to the needy families,  adding that more aids would
be provided once they identified much-needy families.  He asked the international community and welfare and aid organizations to cooperate in this regard so that they can timely dispatch aids to those affected by the recent earthquake in the country.  According to the U.S. Geological Survey, the 6.5-magnitude earthquake’s epicenter was 40 kilometers to the south-southeast of Jurm district in Badakhshan province in Afghanistan’s Hindukush mountain range, which borders Pakistan and Tajikistan.  Due to the proximity of the Chaman fault, the region is vulnerable to devastating earthquakes.  Several have occurred in Afghanistan and Pakistan, causing property damage and fatalities.  Momand

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.