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IEA cabinet meeting discusses Wakhan corridor, educational curriculum, price control

KABUL: The ninth meeting of the Cabi net of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan was held, with the Supreme Leader of the IEA Shaikh Hibatullah Akhundzada, on the chair to discuss Wa- khan corridor, educational curriculum and essential food price control, Arg said in a statement the other day. The meeting was held on November 20 and the Presidential Palace published it in its official website, sharing with media on December 02. In the meeting, the Ministry of Public Works was tasked to take necessary measures in surveying, designing, and creating a fundamental construction contract for the Wakhan corridor in the country’s northeastern province of Badakhshan, the statement said. Also, a committee was assigned to develop the curriculum for universities, schools and to accelerate the provision of new curriculum in accordance with the Islamic principles, the statement added. According to the statement, the Ministry of Water and Energy was assigned to install meters and restore electricity to mosques that had been disconnected due to unpaid bills. Under the leadership of the Ministry of Information and Culture a delegation encompassing from representatives from the Ministries of Hajj and Islamic Affairs and the Ministry of Order to Virtue and Prohibition from Vice, was assigned to respect and preserve sacred documents. The delegation should prepare a plan for protecting the sacred documents, particularly for the preservation of worn-out copies of the holy Quran and selecting secure locations for burying worn-out copies of the holy Quran in the mountainous areas, the statement quoted. Referring to the eye-catching increase in the prices of essential food items which increased the value of the Afghani currency, the price control commission was mandated to implement necessary measures for price regulation and address the issues as soon as possible. Javed Husain

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.