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IEA believes in mutual respect, non-interference in internal affairs of other countries: Mawlavi Kabir

KABUL: The Deputy Prime Minister for Political Affairs of the Islamic Emirate Mawlavi Abdul Kabir, has participated and spoke virtually in the opening session of the 7th China-South Asia and 27th China-Kyunming Import and Export Exhibition, his office said the other day. Speaking virtually at the exhibition, Mawlavi Kabir that economic development was the top priority of the IEA, adding that such exhibitions bring the countries of the region closer together, and the IEA believes in all-round cooperation in all fields including China’s Belt and Road initiative, and is ready to provide necessary facilities to foreign investment, according to the statement. “After the resumption of power by the Islamic Emirate countrywide security has been ensured and there is no threat from Afghanistan to other countries of the region and the world, and IEA fully believes in good neighborliness, mutual respect and non-interference in the internal affairs of other countries,” the statement quoted Mawlavi Kabir. Emphasizing over practical work, cooperation and joint development with the regional countries, especially with China, Mawlavi Kabir said that now a good foundation has been laid for the implementation of major economic projects and logical connection as Afghanistan has a very good strategic geographical location for transit. With the theme of “Unity, Cooperation and Common Development”, the 7th South Expo was co-organized by the Ministry of Commerce of China and the People’s Government of Yunnan Province from August 16 to 20, covering all South Asian and Southeast Asian countries and member countries of the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (RCEP). It is one of the important economic and trade exchanges between China and South Asian countries this year. The 7th South Asia Expo set up a total of 15 pavilions, including the South Asia Pavilion, Southeast Asia Pavilion, Overseas Pavilion, biomedicine and health pavilion, which will simultaneously display the contents of the pavilion online. The conference will also host the 4th China-South Asia Cooperation Forum, the 2023 Forum of Governors of the Greater Mekong Sub-Region Economic Corridor, the 16th China-South Asia Business Forum, the 4th China-South Asia Technology Transfer and Innovation Cooperation Conference, the 9th ChinaSouth Asia Southeast Asia Think Tank Forum, the 5th China-Southeast Asia Business Forum, and the 2nd RCEP International Trade and Investment Cooperation Forum, the 4th Open Border Forum in the New Era and other activities. Mohammad Nabi Naibi

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.