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IEA ahead towards recognition

Tehran-based Afghanistan embassy has been recently handed over to the Islamic Emirate diplomats, an event that sends a message of hope to the Afghan nation for the gradual recognition of the Islamic system by the international community.
The country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed the report and said seven diplomats, including Charge d’affaires Fazl Mohammad Haqqani, were dispatched to Tehran on Monday to avoid delays in the delivery of embassy services.
“The leadership of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs decided to send a team of seven experienced diplomats to the Afghan embassy in Tehran in order to not stop delivering services to our compatriots living in Iran,” a senior official to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country said.
Also, Afghanistan consulate in Istanbul has officially been handed over to the Islamic Emirate representative.
According to another credible source to the Ministry of Foreign affairs, Gulmat Khan Zadran had been appointed as the new consul-general of the IEA in Istanbul.
Previously, the Islamic Emirate has sent its representatives to Afghanistan diplomatic missions in Pakistan, Turkmenistan, China, Qatar and Russia.
This is a big development for the Islamic Emirate to take control of the two important diplomatic missions in the two countries with close religious and cultural relations and this could be a superior position for the government of Afghanistan to take another step forward towards recognition and to help the country get rid of isolation, after long workout that Afghanistan wanted good political and economic relations with the world.
Work to tighten bilateral relations and address the problems of thousands of Afghans living in other countries is most important to be done through the official missions in the hosting countries and since Iran and Turkiye have eye-catching numbers of Afghans, after Pakistan, there is a need for addressing their problems and filling the gaps created by the recent political changes.
The move by the two friendly countries would help political, economic and social relations strengthened with Afghanistan.
Not only the neighboring countries, but, the region and the world should also take similar decisions and ultimately recognize the Islamic Emirate.
Any failure by the world to recognize the Islamic Emirate or delay the recognition process, would not only damage bilateral relations, but also badly harm the Afghans who are already suffering long economic problems.
The move to improve relations in different fields with the current incumbent government which is now the official representative of the Afghan nation, would be a mercy and sympathy for the Afghans.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.