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IDPs to be provided with shelter soon, ministry

KABUL: The Ministry of Refugee and Repatriations said it is planned to provide displaced people with land and shelter in the near future. Hundreds of displaced people are based in Qumber Square in Kabul, as the Tolonews interviewed whose five members are struggling with severe economic challenges and a lack of access to education and health services. “We are hungry and thirsty but no one helps us. I neither have flour nor money,” said Sayed Noor, a displaced person as quoted by the TV.
“The survey has been conducted three or four times, but nothing is yet clear. They said they are going to give us land in Helmand or somewhere, but there is nothing clear as of now,” said Niamatullah, a displaced person.
A spokesman for the Ministry of Refugee and Repatriation said that efforts are underway to transport the displaced people back to their hometowns.
“We have introduced our proposal to the Prime Minister, the decree may come in the near future, then we will distribute the land. We attempt to provide aid for the domestically displaced to build their houses and find jobs,” said Abdul Mutalib Haqqani, a spokesman for the ministry.
The UN Refugee Agency in Afghanistan said that it provided assistance to 2,200 people in Parwan province.
“As internally displaced people voluntarily return, UNHCR provides reintegration assistance to households,” UNHCR Afghanistan said on Twitter. “In central Afghanistan’s Parwan province, some 2,200 former IDPs were assisted in recent days in Charikar,” the private media outlet said.
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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.