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IDPs increasing as war intensified across Afghanistan

By: Kohistani

The Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) have recently increased as the war between Afghan National Defense and Security Forces and the Taliban insurgents intensified Across the country. The IDPs asking Afghan government to provide them humanitarian aids.
“War forces us to leave our homes and shelters with our families for other secure districts, without having anything to eat or wear. We are in a bad situation. We want the government to help us. Otherwise, our situation will get worse every day if the war continued,” Akhtar Mohammad, one of the displaced persons told to The Kabul Times.
According to him, Kabul is the only secure place where people could find shelter, hoping that the fighting sides sympathize with people rather than displacing them from their localities. “We’re in Kabul to demand the government to take back control of our districts in Takhar province so people can go to their homes back. We expect the Afghan government and international community to listen to us and not let the Taliban keep fighting and push people away from their homes”, Mohammad Alim, another displaced person said.
According to him, residents of districts of the northern provinces of Afghanistan are facing humanitarian crisis, hoping the Afghan forces take the control of those areas back from the Taliban.
amid U.S aid announcement to Afghanistan, The Afghan Ministry of Repatriation and Refugees has said that the new aid from the United States will be prioritized to solve the basic needs of the displaced persons and refugees, adding that the new aids will be spent on the internally displaced persons that are increasing day by day. The U.S president, Joe Biden, has recently authorized up to $100 million from an emergency fund to help Afghan refugees and displaced persons.
In a conference on Saturday, the ministry’s spokesperson, Reza Baher, announced the aid has not yet been given to the Afghan government, adding that U.S aid will either be spent through the Afghan government or international organizations. He also emphasized that the internally displaced persons will be aided and helped in any case.
“We will use the aids in order to solve the basic and humanitarian needs of the displaced people and prevent the humanitarian crisis in a crucial situation like this”, Baher added. According to the statistics of the Afghan Ministry of Repatriation and Refugees, in 2021, 42 thousand families (approximately 300.000 people) have been displaced due to the ongoing wars between the Afghan security forces and the Taliban in different districts of Afghanistan.
Over the course of the past few weeks, the number of internally displaced persons is increasing due to violence. The situation is expected to be under control of the Afghan government within coming weeks.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.