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IDPs condition critical as cold season due to arrive

Afghanistan is still a vulnerable country as migration issue and the condition of internally displaced people (IDPs) are yet to be fundamentally addressed. In addition to migration issues, climate change, poverty, food insecurity and natural disasters are reportedly feared to face millions of Afghans with harsh problems, particularly, when the cold weather is due to arrive. On the other hand, the rough number of earthquake-affected people in the country’s western Herat province has recently added to the already increased problems of internally displaced people (IDPs) in the country, while thousands of Afghan refugees are forcedly returning home from the two neighboring countries of Pakistan and Iran have become another headache for the related organs of the Islamic Emirate, especially we are getting nearer to the cold season. Most of internally displaced people, as a result of the latest powerful earthquake in the country’s western zone, are lacking basic life facilities. So, the organs concerned of the Islamic Emirate, national businessmen and foreign to spare no effort to adopt precautionary measures in case of any human tragedy, as natural disaster is still feared to take victims among the vulnerable people amid the forthcoming cold weather. They should be provided with assistance, before harsh winter approaches as well as measures to prevent unexpected crises in the future, should be adopted as thousands of families have recently lost their breadwinners to the latest strongest earthquakes in some western and southern provinces of the country and they are gravely in need of urgent assistance, including food and fuel during the cold climate, which is due to arrive. Also, providing shelter for thousands of repatriates from Pakistan and Iran is an urgent need which should be paid attention to by the related organs, as they cannot meet their fuel problems through collecting papers in the coming harsh winter. Although, Zabihullah Mujahid, the spokesman of the Islamic Emirate, said that efforts were underway to provide the necessary assistance from the related organs for the displaced people, the pledge to meet their basic needs should be taken into action and the plan should not only be restricted to words or remain on the paper. As the country’s economy, according to Mujahid, is not strong enough to treat everyone equally, there is a need for cooperation from the world countries and international aid institutions to help the Afghan people, particularly the internally displaced people, as unemployment and economic crisis are still the unsolved problems of the Afghans in the upcoming harsh climate.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.