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IDB collects $32m for Afghanistan’s support

KABUL: The Head of the Afghan Red Crescent Society (ARCS) Mawlavi Matiulhaq Khalis, during his visit to Saudi Arabia met with the Special Adviser of the Islamic Development Bank (IDB) Mohammad Alsaati, in Riyadh, the organization said in a statement Saturday. Describing the bank’s policy and working areas with Mawlavi Khalis, Mohammad Alsaati said that the bank has always been committed to supporting the Afghan Red Crescent Society in the implementation of development projects in Afghanistan. “A fund aiming to support education, health services and domestic livelihood in 2022, has been established in the Islamic Devel opment Bank, which nearly 32 million U.S. dollars has so far been collected from the donor countries,” the statement quoted Alsaati as saying. He added that the implementation of 7 development projects in the fields of agriculture, irrigation and provision of job opportunities for Afghans, through the Islamic Development Bank has been contracted with international organization in Afghanistan and are being implemented, the statement added. Sharing the ARCS’s activities and capacities with Alsaati, Mawlavi Khalis asked for the necessary equipment for ARCS-built special hospital for treatment of the children suffering from coronary heart disease, the statement further added. Also, Alsaati promised that the special hospital for treatment of the children who suffer from coronary heart disease will be equipped with necessary and modern equipment. The Kabul Times

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.