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ICC should announce “arrest warrants” against Zionist regime

Recently, rumors swirled in the Israeli media about issuing possible arrest warrants targeting Netanyahu and other key Israeli officials by the International Criminal Court (ICC) over continued genocide committed by the Zionist regime, following investigations into the war in the Gaza Strip. As reported, the Zionist regime’s Prime Minister warned the court against potentially issuing the arrest warrants calling it “indelible stain” on the concept of international justice and law. But, contrary to what the Israeli regime prime minister asserted, this would be an indelible stain on the concept of international justice to ignore the ongoing genocide by the regime in the enclave. The Zionists call the attack on Gaza their right of self-defense, while they have so far killed thousands of innocent civilians, mostly children and women, wounding tens of thousands of others and destroying all of their houses. According to a report from the UN, nearly 80,000 homes have been completely destroyed since the Israeli military operation began. Rebuilding Gaza’s shattered homes, according to the organization, will take at least until 2040 but could drag on for many decades. How could it be justifiable about a self-defense right being claimed by the Israeli regime, while at least 370,000 houses have so far been damaged and 79,000 destroyed completely, since the start of the Gaza bombing? The regime calls targeting innocents, destroying their houses and displacing tens of thousands of others from their residences, an act to protect the occupying Zionists’ rights, while denouncing the potential arrest warrants by the International Criminal Court against it an attempt to undermine Israel’s fundamental right to self-defense. Not only the Islamic countries, but other world nations have taken the sides of Palestinians in the war for their rights of having an independent state and their territories returned from the occupying Zionists. The International Criminal Court (ICC), if has not yet taken step in this field, should step up in announcing arrest warrants against the regime’s savage leaders including the murderous Netanyahu. The court should bring to justice all those Zionist regime officials who have committed genocide and indiscriminate killing of children and women in Gaza and their plan to continue their offensive in Rafah. The United States, which is now, the main supporter of the cruel regime, should consider the fact that any of its policies leading to the continuation of backing the Zionists and ignoring the real rights of the defenseless Palestinians, would further encourage the regime to commit further bloodshed in the territory, which would definitely unleash uncontrollable war and destabilize the entire region and the negative impact will increase the longer the fighting goes on. So, in order to control further attempts by the regime and its supporters, the ICC should do its best to announce its arrest warrants against the regime leaders. On the other hand, efforts by the international community, if it wanted to put a permanent end to war and enmity between the Zionists and the Palestinians, should resort to the recognition of an Independent Palestinian state as well as to prevent interferences from the malicious groups in the two sides’ political affairs.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.