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I love to play Rubab, Fazila Zamir

By: Karima Malikzada

Fazila Zamir, who is the only Rubab player and instructor of the instrument in Afghanistan, wants to train and teach other Afghan girls to enable them show their capabilities in the field of music.
In an exclusive interview with The Kabul Times correspondent, Fazila said, “Since childhood, I’ve loved music and been interested in playing musical instruments in particular Rubab. After completion my higher education, I joined Directorate of Music and now teach Rubab at the respective directorate”.
“Loving with Rubab has encouraged me to start playing Rubab, but I still have not taken this loving musical instrument outside to play it without any problem. I wish to witness a culture in Afghanistan when someone sees an artist playing a musical instrument, he will respect the artist,” Fazila said.
Related to how she learned this musical instrument, Fazila added she started learning music at Agha Khan Cultural Foundation where Ustad Ghulam Hussain was teaching us music, saying that she also studied at National Institute of Music where Ustad Ramin was teaching us Rubab.
Fazila further said that she had completed music department of fine arts faculty of Kabul University.
“I’ve decided to get my master degree in music at one of the universities abroad and after the graduation, I want to work in my country for the improvement of real Afghan music,” Fazila said.
Fazila has traveled to many countries of the world and participated in various musical programs and festivals. She has paid visits to South Korea, Oman, Estonia, Germany, Swiss, Sri Lanka, UAE and China and introduced the real Afghan music to the people of the respective countries in particular neighboring countries.
“Despite that fact that we are facing with lack of musical instruments at the directorate of music, I’ve been able to enthusiastically train and teach my students,” Fazila said, asking the ministry of information and culture to provide the instruments to the music department.
Currently, Fazila Zamir is the only female instructor of the musical instrument at directorate of music who has professionally received musical trainings, while the others are men teachers.
“Currently, there are 10 students including four girls who are receiving musical instrument in particular Rubab at the directorate of music,” Fazila said.
It is worth mentioning that Rubab is known as the original musical instrument of Afghanistan. it is still played in various countries of the world.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.