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‘I have the right to live’

War, poverty and illiteracy are the causes that force most children to resort to heavy jobs and be deprived of all joys and privilege of childhood.
Nabi, 10 who works in a Metal works in Kabul, said his father was an ANA soldier for long time and has been paralyzed due to a mine explosion. He is the only son and breadwinner of his family, I asked Nabi what is his biggest dream?
Smiling disappointedly, “I want to attend school and become a pilot”, he replied.
According to Child Rights convention of 1989, a child has been defined as an individual under 18. Based on the 1st article of this convention, all individuals under 18 are called child. Like Nabi, thousands children are involved in working in their early years.
Afghan children have to work over 16 hours in 24 ours. They should work until late nights a research showed and added that for instance those children who are involved in selling of food like soup or Berger. The findings of this research show that most working children are boys while only 35 pc are girls who are mainly involved in carpet weaving, tailoring in their homes.
The 49th article of Afghanistan constitution has forbidden forcing of children to work. Heavy works affect children in adolescence and oldness. These unpleasant impacts include their improper growing, creation of waist and backbone problems etc.
Most children don’t use safety clothes during working with sharp or fire producing instruments that sometimes result in cutting of their hands are legs, paralyse, advanced burns on different parts of their bodies. Lifting of heavy objects also strongly impact their backbones.
Jawed, 14, hospitalized in a Kabul hospitals one of because his hands was seriously burned and Doctors had to cut it.
I asked Jawed what had happened to him?
With a painful voice and tearful eyes and while he himself didn’t believe “I was working in a brick kiln in the vicinity of Kabul. Every early morning I had attended my workplace. My master was a good man but a little nervous. One day when I was carrying oven dried bricks, suddenly, my hand caught fire and I was unconscious and when I was conscious, I understood that I am in a hospital and my hand has been cut. I murmured with myself when and how this happened to me and how about my destiny? He answered. Thus Jawed is another victim of hard works.
Absolute majority of working children are deprivedof school and education because they lack time and don’t afford to supply pen, pencil, notebook…. Etc.
A number of children who despite of economic problem attend school, should be encouraged by their teachers and must not be disgraced.
Domestic and foreign psychologists believe that childhood period is one of the very important times in every individuals life and according to psychologists, this period plays great role for personality building of everybody.
When deprived and poor children grow older, due to shortages during childhood, they resort to illegal works likerubbery, murder, drugs, abduction, trafficking…etc.
The Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs and also children support Fund have failed to undertake effective measures to remove or at least decrease these problems.
Raihana Farkhonda

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.